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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.6
Overall User Score (7 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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1UP (Feb 10, 2009)
Despite the constant presence of two kids on the lower screen, RGC is aimed directly at people who fondly remember saving their pennies to purchase titles the likes of Metroid or Super Mario Bros. 3. But don't worry, youngbloods -- you can play it and enjoy it, too. RGC is the best compilation of games that never were, but that you'll wish had been.
90 (Mar 06, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge takes everything that was awesome about growing up gaming in the 80s and packs it all into one tiny little cartridge.
What more can you want than full classic games on one Nintendo DS cartridge? Retro Game Challenge is the sort of game that will be loved by hardcore gamers for years to come. This might not be the best title for modern games but it is worth a shot. XSEED Games might have created one of the top games of 2009 already.
Blend Games (Apr 25, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge has what it takes to join the ranks of some of your all-time favorite DS titles. If you like retro games, this package is like a reasonably-priced Godsend. Whatever the developers set out to accomplish, whether that be, "bring back memories of old-school games in a humorous way", "provide a collection of games that will last players a long time", or "successfully recreate good 'ole games", they succeeded on every front. Stop reading this review and go support them buy buying this literal modern classic now.
UOL Jogos (Feb 26, 2009)
"Retro Game Challenge" é uma experiência obrigatória para fãs de videogames dos anos 80 e nostalgia de maneira geral. Os joguinhos são um bocado simples e podem cansar rápido, mas isso tudo faz parte do show que o game se propõe a dar. Contudo, da mesma forma que tem um encanto imbatível para os fãs da onda retrô, pode soar ao público novato apenas como uma proposta original e competente, mas limitado demais.
Cheat Code Central (Feb, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge hearkens back to a time when 3D graphics didn't exist and video games were nowhere near as elaborate as the high-end affairs current-gen systems offer. Even so, the highly creative presentation is top-notch, and the varied gameplay will keep you busy for hours on end. This one's a must for retro gaming enthusiasts.
IGN (Feb 09, 2009)
Retro gaming has been a part of our culture for quite a while now, and it's fascinating to see that progress from collections of the games we used to play to all new productions that celebrate a bygone era. The developers of Retro Game Challenge didn't just accurately recreate 8-bit gaming -- they made a bunch of really good games. Requiring players to complete specific challenges is a great way to get us thinking about a game in new ways. Plus there's all this extra content that they didn't need to include, but it makes this feel like a very robust package.
Nintendo Life (Apr 15, 2009)
It could be considered a miracle that Game Center CX was localized for the US – after all, it’s based on a show which is not likely to appear outside Japan (even though the manual claims it will!). However, even with most of the links to the show removed, the game is still a blast to play (and they've even added some new references for western gamers - including a mention of the 1989 movie The Wizard). If you were to play any of the games included without knowing anything about the complete package, you’d probably assume that they’re actual retro games, such is the quality of this package. If you're a retro-fan and miss the joy of playing addictive 8-bit games, this should be a no-brainer. All we need to do now is hope that XSEED also localizes the sequel – it’s already out in Japan, and includes a whopping 15 games!
80 (UK) (Apr 13, 2009)
Once Arino's core set of challenges are cleared, each game is unlocked in a Freeeplay Mode. Here the game keeps track of a dizzying number of statistics, encouraging high-score attempts, but divorced from the focus of Arino's challenges the games suffer, revealing their inevitable shallowness. But unlike all other retro game compilations, the point of Retro Game Challenge isn't the compilation so much as the context and the commentary and an unapologetic celebration of gaming's formative days. In that sense it's a triumph, offering any gamer who grew up with videogames, whatever the era, a keen sense of that time. For many of us trying to recapture those childhood feelings of awe and wonder, Retro Game Challenge gets to the very heart of why we still play videogames and for that is to be applauded.
Gaming since 198x (May 06, 2010)
Expérience atypique, Game Center CX saura gagner sans difficulté le coeur des joueurs depuis 198x. Les autres, c'est moins certain, mais ils ne savent vraiment pas ce qu'ils loupent.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 18, 2009)
Look, folks. If you like old school gaming, you need to try this. It doesn’t sound like much; it’s merely a collection of eight clones of classic games. They’re as primitive as they get. But what it lacks in style and depth it makes up for in sheer replayability and nostalgia. It takes you back to a time before there were meaningful stories, fancy leveling systems or any of that other stuff you might take for granted. It recaptures that feeling of joy you get when you finally get that high score, or how you managed to outpace that one racer that kept managing to take first place. It’s about remembering a time when you were excited about some huge new game, and you could only find out about it by reading a magazine, or learning some rumor or cheat from a friend. Above all else, it’s about nostalgia. And sometimes, that’s all that matters.
Game Positive (Feb 23, 2009)
Having fun with Retro Game Challenge doesn't require you to be a child of the '80s, or even a fan of older games; it just asks that you appreciate the past and Namco Bandai's loving attempt to recreate it. You may not fall in love with each game offered in the package, but you're bound to find yourself going back to play at least one or two of them just for fun. Lovingly recreated gameplay combines with a playful presentation to make Retro Game Challenge a unique simulation of the adolescence of video games that's easy to enjoy no matter which decade you were born in.
GamesRadar (Feb 12, 2009)
Ultimately, how much you'll like this depends on the player. It works on several levels, but Retro Game Challenge is more enjoyable the nerdier and possibly older you are. The games are fun enough to play, but if you recognize a Ninja Gaiden parody just by playing for a minute, have played Galaga enough to tell the subtle differences in what they chose not to emulate or chuckle at the phrase "feel asleep," this is absolutely the game for you. But younger or more casual players shouldn’t avoid it either, because they can use it to experience a time they've only heard about.
GameDaily (Feb 08, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge is vintage gaming at its best, whether you're a newbie or an old-school 8-bit kid at heart.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 05, 2009)
To unlock a new game you must complete four specific feats, like employing a certain power-up, achieving a certain score, or finishing the game! This regimented style of play eliminates the thrill of discovery, and by the time the game is available in "free play" mode, you're pretty much sick of the thing! Another "classic" element that's lacking is the challenge. Especially in free play mode, these games are really easy. Back in the day you were lucky to last for three minutes in a good shooter, much less finish the entire game! Retro Gaming Challenge should have ditched the storyline, made all the main games unlocked from the start, and ratcheted up the difficulty. It's a flawed package, but the fact that these new games exude so much old-school charm is worth celebrating.
GameSpot (Feb 06, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge is a strange offering, to be sure. Through one download service or another, most people have available to them many of the games of the 1980s that inspired this game's collection. But the story mode makes this something more than just a compilation of retro-style games. It makes it an endearing tribute to games of that era and the experience of playing them and enjoying them with friends. It's appropriate that Game Master Arino's first act is to turn you into a kid. While the games here have their flaws, the kid in you who once loved 8-bit games will be won over by the charms of this knowing homage to their glory days.
70 (Jan 30, 2011)
Somit wären alle acht Spiele umrissen. Wie man sieht, sind leider nur ein paar davon richtig gut, auch wenn es keinen wirklichen Totalausfall gibt. Einzeln für sich betrachtet, kann mit Ausnahme von "Robot Ninja Haggleman 2" allerdings keines der Spiele als vollwertig betrachtet werden. Da der Mittelwert der einzelnen Bewertungen bei 6,75 liegt, vergebe ich als Abschlussnote für die "Retro Game Challenge" sieben Punkte. Die Idee an sich ist sehr innovativ und interessant, scheitert leider an einer nicht konsequent genug durchgeführten Umsetzung. Möglicherweise wurde dieser Missstand in der mittlerweile in Japan erschienenen Fortsetzung behoben. Da eine westliche Lokalisierung dieser jedoch sehr unwahrscheinlich ist, werde ich es nicht überprüfen können.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 10, 2010)
If you’re a fan of retro gaming and can manage to wade through the filler, Retro Game Challenge provides ample challenge and enjoyment. Marred somewhat by its execution, though, I cannot recommend the game for everyone. It appeals to a niche audience, but that audience will find it to be very rewarding.
Game Revolution (Feb, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge may not be as genuine as an actual 8-in-1 retro game collection by Namco or Atari, but what it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for by successfully bringing everything that’s awesome yet simple about the classics. It pays tribute to an exciting time when blowing the dust out of the cartridge was just as much a part of the geekery as the pouting over game delays (wait, we still do that), abstaining from strategy guides (that too), complaining about used games (umm...), and explaining to your mom that doing what you love is better than having money (…). Heh, that reminds me, it’s just like that time when…
Giant Bomb (Feb 13, 2009)
Retro Game Challenge is a great concept, but the execution makes things more tedious than they needed to be. If it were a bit more open-ended about which games you could play at any given time and didn't double-up on some of the games, it'd be a pretty cool little collection. But once I got finished playing a game I really didn't want to play anymore only to be faced with a "new" version of a game I had already unlocked, the spell was broken and the rest became simple, repetitive grinding.