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Spider-Man 2 (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Spider-Man 2 Credits

Vicarious Visions Inc.

CEO and Chief Creative OfficerKarthik Bala
VP, Production DevelopmentTobi Saulnier
Project ManagerJesse Booth
DesignJorge Diaz, Jonathan Russell, Jeremy Russo
ProgrammingJan-Erik Steel, Charles Homic, Michael Scavezze, Alan Kimball, Alex Rybakov, Sunbir Gill, Greg Oberg, Ward Childress, Matthew Conte, Brian Sox
ArtBrent Gibson, Gap-Yuel Seo, Guillermo La'O, Eric Gillam, Nate Hawkinson
AnimationCasey Richardson, Kaan Kayimoglu, Steven M. Nelson
Additional Art SupportSteve Derrick, Rob Gallerani
MusicShin'en Multimedia
Play TestingJoseph Cecot, John Tirella, Joe Hogle, Ellen Waggoner, John Milkins
VV Special ThanksActivision, Nintendo of America, Luis Barriga, Craig Derrick, Evan Skolnick, Dan Tanguay, Shin'en, Cosmigo


President Worldwide StudiosKathy Vrabeck
Associate ProducerJuan Valdes
Production CoordinatorDerek Racca
Executive ProducerChris Archer
Associate Brand ManagerRoy Alojado
Global Brand ManagerTed Chi, Michael Chiang
Director, Global Brand ManagementRobert Kostich
VP, Global Brand ManagementWill Kassoy
Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsAaron Grant
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsRyh-Ming C. Poon
Director, Corporate CommunicationsMichelle Schroder, Maryanne Lataif
QA Project LeadNicholas E. Weaver
Senior Project LeadJohn Rosser
QA ManagerJoseph Favazza
Floor LeadHugh Bach, Frank So
Test TeamJosh Chandler, Jade Crespo, Ryan Ellis, Randy Guillote, Kris Kauthen, Dan Ludwig, George Ngo, William Whaley, Jose J. Omelas
Manager, Technical Requirements GroupMarilena Morini
Sr. Lead, Technical Requirements GroupSiôn Rodriguez y Gibson
Tester, Technical Requirements GroupRobert Lara
Phone Support LeadGary Bolduc
E‑mail Support LeadMichael Hill
LegalGregory Deutsch, Erika Denton
VP, Creative Services & OperationsDenise Walsh
Director of Creative ServicesMatthew Stainner
Creative Services ManagerJill Barry
Creative Services Assistant ManagerShelby Yates
Packaging & Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC
Sony Pictures Consumer ProductsMark Caplan, Laetitia May, Eric Thomsen

Marvel Enterprises Inc.

Executive ProducerAmes Kirshen
Director of Game DevelopmentAmes Kirshen
President of Worldwide Consumer ProductsTimothy Rothwell
President of PublishingDan Buckley
Legal AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75591)