Spider-Man 2 Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The title screen.
Some preliminary web-slinging action.
As you complete chapters, you will unlock new ones. You can also replay any chapters you've already beaten.
You get a bit of narrative from the Wall-Crawler himself before each chapter begins.
You have main objectives to complete as well as optional secondary objectives.
Running through the mean streets of New York.
No day in the life of Spiderman is complete without a crawl across a ceiling or two.
Why walk when you can web sling?
Hints and tutorial messages are scattered around the first chapter.
Look out Spidey!
Time your button press right and you can slow down time and improve your reactions in combat.
These punks are no match for your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.
At the end of each stage, the game will tally up your results.