Super Princess Peach Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen (day)
Select a file.
Story scene: The hammer bros. plains evil against Mario.
Story scene: Oh no! They kidnapped Mario and Luigi.
World map.
Collecting the ball.
Collect the coins and you can use these ones in the store.
These blocks can give you game hints.
You did it, you found a Toad.
Big coins are more worthy than normal coins.
Peach can hit blocks to break them.
Peach is happy and she can float.
Peach is very angry and she can squash goombas.
Peach can cry so her tears can spray the plants and make it grow.
Level cleared.
Attacking some goombas with a koopa shell.
You found a puzzle piece.
Peach found a music score.
Ouch, that really hurts.