Tetris DS Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The Title Screen.
The main menu, with tons of play modes.
The default marathon mode has you clearing lines while Mario does his thing on the top screen.
Ugh, I'm bad at this...
Clearing some lines.
Get far enough, and Mario will travel to different levels.
The almighty Tetris!
Line mode gives you a set number of lines to clear, and tracks your time.
Hooray, it's a new record!
Looks like I win this round...
You can square off against the computer or a friend in versus play.
Mission mode gives you set tasks to complete while you play tetris.
Puzzle mode gives you a scenario in which you have to clear all the blocks on the screen only using the shapes shown below.
Another puzzle solved.
This is a weird one -- catch mode has you attaching falling tetris blocks to a single floating block you control, in an attempt to make 4x4 solid pieces.
Once you get those 4x4's made, they have a certain amount of charge...
...which can then be discharged in an epic laser blast. Don't ask me why.
Push mode is another head to head offering in which you try to push a shared stack of blocks into your opponents zone by making doubles, triples and tetrises.
Getting there...
Touch mode gives you a giant tower of random blocks, which you slide and rotate with the stylus to make lines.
Get the tower low enough and you'll release the caged balloons at the top.
Touch Puzzle gives you certain tasks to complete on specific block set ups.