Toon-Doku Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Toon-Doku Credits

Dragon's Den Unlimited

Creative & Technical LeadMiguel A. Nieves
Multiplayer EngineerHeather Williams
Concept ArtistAlison Rementer
Sprite ArtistAndrew Bado, Maciej Kuczynski
MusiciansJoey Goldstein, Jason Robinson
Special ThanksThe Sudoku Programming Community, Ruud van der Werf, Mogens Kjœr, Guenter Stertenbrink, NOA Support Staff, Dovoto , Cearn's Usenti, All our family friends and fans that haven't seen much of us in the past few months.


Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
ProducerRobert Cooper
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
Art DirectorFrank Lam
VP MarketingKen Gold
Senior Product ManagerLiz Buckley
Marketing CoordinatorPeter Rosky
PR ManagerGloria Quinn
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Package Art and LogoVic Merritt
SVP of Business and Legal AffairsAdam Sultan
IT ManagerPaul Campagna
Burn Room TechnicianKevin Tsakonas
QA ManagerEric Jezercak
Project Lead TesterNick Greder
Lead TestersJonathan Black, Manny Hernandez
Test LeadPhilip Johnson
TestersDamion DeStefano, Larry Contreras, Jorge Cosme, Mark Dunyak, John Moran, Rich Wogan, Gina T. Giacobbe, Tito Jimenez, Martin Sanelli, John Rocco, Joseph Ronquillo, Onix Alicea, Joey Goldstein, Justin Rivera, Hunter S. Gollum
Special ThanksMorris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Adam Sutton, James Bartolomei, Gabrielle Cahill, HighWater Group

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Credits for this game were contributed by DarkFalzX (4681)