Toon-Doku Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Who else?
Name entry screen. Unlike most DS games Toondoku doesn't bother to read the name of your DS system.
Avatar select screen
Messy, messy, messy - forever is the way of Toondoku.
The title screen
Selecting a stage.
The default background is seriously drab. It can only be changed manually from the Options menu.
Round clear! Is it Errors, or Mistakes? Keep the terminology consistent!
Even though some of the icons are quite interesting-looking, the only way to make the game playable is to use numbers.
The game is essentially a commercially-published homebrew project, and this pause menu is a testament to that.
The game features several well-drawn skins.
More amateurish win-screens!
And another skin - this one with a spooky castle.
Yet another decent skin
A multiplayer menu
The skins sure are nice, but some of them are quite intrusive.
A rather nice icon-editor
As the game is geared toward kids, wasn't it a better idea to make tutorials visual?
Playing against CPU in a Speed Battle.