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TrackMania DS (Nintendo DS)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

TrackMania DS Credits

Firebrand Games

Managing DirectorMark Greenshields
Creative DirectorPeter Shea
Technical DirectorBryan McPhail
Game ProducerBryan McPhail
Project ManagerDan Fletcher
Game DesignClive Lawrence
Lead ProgrammerAdam King
ProgrammersSteve MacPherson, James McGill
3D ArtistsDonald Robertson, Robert Jeffrey, Chris Walch
2D ArtistJonathan McEnroe
Additional 3D ArtAsh Irvin
QAGreg Loughran


Music arranged byAllister Brimble, Anthony Putson

TrackMania Concept - Nadeo

DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
ProductionPascal Hérold, Adrienne Péchère
ProgrammingXavier Bouchoux, David Fallot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Nicolas Maurer, Damien Quilot, Olivier Torreilles, Clément Viguier
DesignFrançois-Xavier Delmotte, Stephen Magnardi, Stéphane Sommer
Level DesignAmélie Castelnérac

Focus Home Interactive

Street HawkCédric Lagarrigue
Tokyo DriftAlexis Fischer, Jérôme Blazy, Mohad Semlali
The A TeamLuc Heninger, Benjamin Tardif, Nathalie Phung
Pimp my RideXavier Assémat
Wacky RacesJohn Bert, Robin Nachbronn, Anthony Trosch
Michael KnightDamien Mauric
BodyworkersFrançois Weytens, Patrick Falorni
Hitchhiker BabesMarie Caroline Le Vacon, Aurélie Rodrigues, Aline Janzekovic, Nathalie Jérémie, Linda Hanoun
MechanicsJean Michel Hellendorff, Jean Joseph Garcia, Stéphan Le Gac Savoye
Racetrack CommissionerFranck Tonnerre
Racing Team DirectorJean-Pierre Bourdon
Fall Guy(s)Christophe Fretard (Scorpius), Jean-louis Jene (Banzzai), Léonard Baldy (MR.Freez), Laurent Galataud (Lolomax), Aurélien Gaboriaud (HyDroFise), Fred Diavet (FredoLeDingue)
Special thanks toAll the TrackMania community, beta testers, forum addicts, game fans and of course all our family and friends.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (121084)