Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Nintendo DS)

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Credits


Original MK TeamEd Boon, Tony Goskie, Steve Beran, John Vogel, Dan Forden
Original Puzzle Kombat TeamNick Shin, Jay Biondo, Taaron Silverstein

DS Team

Executive ProducerEd Boon
Senior ProducerHans Lo, Shaun Himmerick
Technical DirectorGary Lake-Schaal
Game Play SpecialistsPaulo Garcia, Brian LeBaron, Eddie Ferrier
AudioDan Forden, Jim Bonney, Brian Chard, Richard Carle
ArtSteve Beran, Tony Goskie, Taaron Silverstein

Quality Assurance

QA DirectorPaul Sterngold
QA SupervisorBrien J. Atangan
QA Lead AnalystTravis Zander
QA AnalystPeter Briones
Technical Standards AnalystsIna Yamaguchi, J. B. Sarao
Technical Standards EngineerShana T. Bryant
Database AdministratorDan Wagner
TestersJustin McNeil, Mike Lewis, Ifo Ikede
Account ManagerTara Costain
Production AssistantChristine Bourque

Submissions & First Party Relations

DirectorSamuel Peterson
Project ManagerChristopher Giggins
Submissions CoordinatorGreg Ranz
Production CoordinatorJohanna AƱonuevo


Localization ManagerClermont Matton
Localization SupervisorEric Pochat, Josh Stacy
Localization AnalystLeonardo Capezzuto, Franklin Najarro, Steve Farmer, Phillip Vodermayer
Creative ServicesYvonne Baptista, Peter Bennett, Ryan Braman, Michael Crawford, Rigoberto Cortes, Stefano Dalu, Gary Gonzales, Rare Macapayag, Jon Mongelluzzo, Sally Nichols, Jack O'Neall, Matt Schiel, Chris Skrundz, BethAnn Smukowski, James Vogel, Ron While, Christa Woss, Larry Wotman


Sr. VP Marketing / CMOSteven M. Allison
VP of MarketingMona Hamilton
Director of MarketingTom McClure
Sr. Product ManagerRandy Severin
Director of Channel MarketingKimberly Montague
Director of Online MarketingChristian Munoz
Sr. Database AdministratorShrikant Dodiya

Public Relations

VP of Public RelationsReilly Brennan
Sr. Media Relations ManagerNatalie Salzman
Associate Media Relations ManagerSarah Moschea
Web DesignerNathan Peters
Special ThanksDavid F. Zucker, Matthew V. Booty, Michael Gottlieb, Richard Hicks, Darren J. Walker, Jaime J. Bencia, John Podlasek, Paulo Garcia, Brian LeBaron, Eddie Ferrier, Mark Allen, Carly Yandell, Abby Antonio, Lee Jacobson, Robert Gustafson, Danielle Abbott, Max Crawford, and most of all our friends and family who had to put up with our long hours and absence.


GameQ Delivery ManagerS. Venugopal
GameQ Business ManagerGuillaume Fournier
QA Group LeadNaveen N. Belavadi
Program ManagerNaveen N. Belavadi
QA LeadRam Sudhir
Support QA LeadMohit Mehrothra

Other Ocean Interactive

Studio HeadDeirdre Ayre
ProducerDavid Fanjoy
Lead ProgrammerGordon Wood
ProgrammersNigel Banks, Luke Burkett, Wade Estabrooks, Wendall Harding, Jared MacDonald, Jonathan Sawler
Additional ProgrammingDaniel Filner, George Phillips
Lead ArtistChris Sharpley
ArtistsTiffany Baxter, Jonathan Innes, Matt Murray
Lead DesignerMichael K. Donovan
Special ThanksAndrew Ayre, Josh Zisserson, John Eden, Travis Hunt, Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency, The Government of PEI

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (59434)