The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (Nintendo DS)

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The Wizard of Oz: Beyond The Yellow Brick Road est un bon coup d'essai pour Media Vision en dehors des Wild ARMs. L'univers est enchanteur, les personnages attachants, la réalisation superbe et l'ergonomie un exemple de perfection. Malheureusement le jeu souffre de défauts tout aussi nombreux : répétitivité, environnements redondants, allers-retours fréquents, quêtes annexes inexistantes et histoire sans surprise. Au final, on se retrouve avec un bilan correct ou raté selon l'importance de chaque élément pour vous. Quoi qu'il en soit le jeu vaut le coup d'être essayé, ne serait-ce que pour raviver la la flamme de l'enfant qui sommeille en nous.
You can spend roughly 20 hours in this lackluster adaptation of the land of Oz, but most of this time is spent mired in backtracking or wearisome, simplistic battles. The game's complete lack of depth and innovation will have you hard-pressed to find anything intriguing enough to pull you back for more--let alone keep you playing. The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road has decent core mechanics, but its mind-numbing mediocrity culminates in a lackluster experience troubled by a slew of irritants. The game is ultimately forgettable and provides little lasting appeal.
Thunderbolt Games
In a cluttered RPG market on the DS there isn’t any real reason to recommend The Wizard of Oz. The new story is generic, the exploration hampered by unnecessary backtracking and the dreaded locked door puzzles. An interesting combat system is ruined by the default party actions and clunky menu navigation. This certainly isn’t what L. Frank Baum had in mind, there aren’t even any flying monkeys.