World Snooker Championship: Season 2007-08 Credits

Blade Interactive Studios

3D EngineGary Leach, Huw Lloyd
Lead DS ProgrammerLee Howarth
Maths and Physics EngineHuw Lloyd
Neural Network AIJake Gartland
Additional PhysicsJake Gartland
Tech TeamGary Leach, John C. Ogden, Patrick Connor
Main Game CodeJohn C. Ogden, Ming Tregonning, Gary Leach, James Shephard, Lee Howarth, Rimal Patel, Patrick Connor, Rian Walters, Kevin Longair, Matthew Millington, Anthony Vallance, Adam Dobson, Mark Crane
Frontend CodeLee Howarth, Ming Tregonning, John C. Ogden, Kevin Longair
Technical Art LeadPete Daniels
Lead ArtistGary Switzer
Location ArtworkGary Switzer, Chris Giannakopoulos
Character ArtworkJason Swift Clowes, Stephen Molyneaux, Bob Hickey, Jody Gallagher
Character AnimationPete Daniels, Bob Hickey, Zane Whittingham
Concept ArtStuart Bayley
Front EndStuart Bayley
Motion CapturePete Daniels
Motion Capture ActorJon Oldham-Malcolm
CamerasPete Daniels, Ming Tregonning
ProductionJon Oldham-Malcolm
Design TeamJon Oldham-Malcolm, Rob Hewson, Michael Northeast, Chris Parry, Peter Gomer, Mark Godwin, Chris Wright
Snooker CommentaryJohn Virgo
Development ManagerGary Leach
AdministrationAlison Kemp
Co‑DirectorsDeborah Jones, Pete Jones

Deep Silver

ProducerThorsten Feldmann
Head of ProductionChristian Moriz
Product ManagerMartin Böcking
Product Marketing ManagerStefan Eder
PR ManagerMichael Zolna
QA ManagerDaniel Langer
QATestronic Labs
Head of GamesDidier Pippel
Test CoordinationThibault Dévigne
Lead TestersPierre Eveno, Ben Farr


Marketing ManagerJon Bailey
PR ManagerStefano Petrullo


Director of MarketingEric Boccara
Chef de ProduitBenjamin Goacolou
Relation presseBarbara Allart


Product ManagerSergio Porcellini

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202481)