Cave Story Credits


Original Game ProgramDaisuke Amaya
Original Game DesignDaisuke Amaya
Executive ProducerVictor Rodriguez
ProducerTyrone Rodriguez
Associate ProducerTimothy Kim
Lead Porting ProgrammerSimon Parzer
Assistant ArtistMichael Lambert
Additional ArtworkDaisuke Amaya, Tyrone Rodriguez
LocalizationYoko Saito, Rie Hagihara, Ray Griner
TestingRay Griner, Nicholas Rodriguez
Very Special ThanksDan Adelman, Tiffany Cho, Tim Symons, Kenny Risk, Haruhi and Tamami, Michael Winfield, Roberto Magistretti, Pearl Lu, Mom, Miria, Tamy, the Saito's, Kevin Cassidy, Corbie Dillard, Brendan Stephenson, Efrain Siounis, Jeane Wong, Chris Hoffman, Hiro Suzuki, Nigoro!, David Rodríguez, Chris Bieniek, Jim Loftus, John C. Brandstetter, Franz Tissera, Yogurt, Christopher Reavey, James Harvey, Barry J. S. Pringle, Rey Ortega, Cory Godbey, Angela Sung, Mikael Aguirre, Melanie Herring, Raymond Teo, Sam Miller, Justin Jackson, Cole Harrington, Curtis Bathurst, Max Fledler, Katy Coope, and you!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (197114)