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If you're looking for a game that is fun to play but doesn't really provide a challenge, I'd definitely suggest staying away from Chronos Twins. This game presents you with plenty of head-scratching puzzles, will inevitably make you feel crazy when trying to keep up with what is happening on both screens, and may even make you angry occasionally. However, making it through the particularly challenging parts of the game feels incredibly rewarding in its own right, and it helps to make Chronos Twins a very fun and memorable experience. If you don't mind a challenge and perhaps a little frustration, this title is truly a unique five dollar downloadable gem.
Nintendo Life (Jan 21, 2010)
While unfortunate that a lot of gamers missed out on the original GBA Chronos Twins, not to mention the fact that the DS version was only released in Europe, this DSiWare edition more than makes up for the wait. Not only does the game bring an interesting and unique gameplay mechanic to the table, it also manages to surround it with smooth controls and a lot of personality. The game might be a tad on the short side, but you're definitely in for a fun ride while it lasts. And at only 500 Nintendo points you're not only getting the better version of the game, but you're getting it at half the price. If you're up for something a little unique and different, this is definitely a game you'll want to check out.
78 (May 18, 2010)
Chrono Twins è un titolo per DSiWare completo come pochi. Le dinamiche di gioco che fanno perno sulla dualità degli schermi della console, un ottimo level design fatto di stage ricchi di nemici, ostacoli e enigmi da risolvere giocando con le due dimensioni temporali, ed un comparto grafico in 2D curato e ben dettagliato, fanno di Chono Twins un titolo coinvolgente e longevo, soprattutto per il prezzo d'acquisto proposto davvero interessante.
The A.V. Club (Feb 08, 2010)
Chronos Twins has a strange history: Spanish developer EnjoyUp originally showed off its unique take on Mega Man-styled running and jumping in early 2004, on the GameBoy Advance. When EnjoyUp couldn’t find a publisher for the game, Twins was ported to the DS and released in Western Europe near the end of 2007. Now, more than half a decade after its coming-out party, Americans can get Chronos Twins on both WiiWare and DSiWare. The game itself isn’t as interesting as its prolonged development. Its hook—one screen of the DS has your character in the past, the other in the present, and you control them simultaneously—is novel but awkward in execution. The game quickly becomes about navigating tricky jumps in both time periods, and the game’s pace is slowed as a result. Hundreds of free games scratch the same itch as Twins, but if you have five bucks and a fondness for weird cultural artifacts, it’s a good bet…