Nintendo World Cup Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Team Selection.
1st Match.
Controlled the ball.
Keeper saved.
Cameroon bringing the ball away.
Sliding tackle.
Opposition attacking.

Game Boy version

Title screen
1player, 2player or Versus. 2player and Versus require 2 Game Boys.
Enter password if continuing a 1 player game.
Choose your team.
The 1st match: Brazil vs. Cameroon
Do you want to change positions?
Select you strategy.
Let the game begin!
You steal the ball by knocking down the other player.
It went out of bounds. Cameroon is throwing it in.
Cameroon scored.
The goalie stopped the ball. Now he will kick it back.
Half time
The final score. Brazil is celebrating.
The 2nd match: Brazil vs. Japan

Genesis version

Title screen
First match
Some sort of options screen before the match
Chasing down a ball.
Taking a close range shot.
Ball high in the air
Throw in
Between halves
About to make a pass.
The computer scored against me.
He's on fire!
Game over, lost by a goal.
The girl is not impressed.
On fire, ready to take the ball.
Blew it past the keeper.
Crazy flip shot
Kicking the ball.
In the lead, the captain thinking about the girl.
Corner kick
eighth goal scored!
Time to strut
Match two, different field
The keeper gets to kick.
On fire again!
Corner kick
Following the ball shadow.
There's a guy on the green team with a bat or stick?

NES version

Title screen (USA)
Title screen (Japanese)
Are you ready?
Some strategy...
Offensive or defensive?
Beginning the game.
People are so rude...
Dangerous situation!
We are winning!
Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?
Choose you team.
The 1st match: USA - Cameroon
Change positions?
What plan will you use?

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
The intro is fully voiced too
Change player position
Game plan
Kick off
Match over, we won!
Some post match talk, this part is voiced as well
Second match is against a religious school of Buddhists, also note the Sharp/SPS on the a-board
Third game against a motorcycle gang from Renegade (Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun)
These half time cut-scenes are quite funny
Computer opponent doing a super shot
Aw, why so gloomy? At least it was a draw
Seventh match against a bunch of fishermen, whose super shot is, but of course, a FISH...
Game 10 half time: while Kunio is dreamin' about a girl, our miner opposition are trying to dig out of the locker room
Slippery surface

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Editing the positions
Shooting at the goal
Corner kick for the other team
Not sure what's going on here

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Soccer players get all the girls :)
A serious discussion...
Let's SOCCER!!..
Choosing a type of field
Replacing players
Changing tactics
Game in progress. Rather peaceful, so far...
Tournament mode begins
Dangerous situation!..
Playing on a sand field...
...and on ice!..
Oh wow, what a save!..
Playing on concrete field
Ouch, that hurts...
Too late, goalie. It's a GOAL!..
Cheerleaders rejoice :)