Nitemare-3D Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
In-game instructions
Select one of the three episodes
The game offers several levels of difficulty
Beginning of the first level
Encounter with a mummy in the first level
Darn, nothing's on television!
Shooting our first weapon at our first enemy encounter
A very common enemy. There must somehow be a factory for Frankenstein monsters around here.
A mummy
You can't see it on this screenshot alone, but this house has an awful lot of chimneys.
You find a secret passage behind a shelf and get +3 on cheesiness.
Potions restore our health
Stairs leading up.
In the kitchen
The exit to the level.
Level statistics
The skeletons can shoot fireballs.
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Windows 3.x version

The title screen
The game starts in this really small window and the quality of the graphics change markedly when full screen mode is engaged
The main menu

Shareware version 1.6
The game configuration options allows the player to enable cheat modes

Shareware version 1.6
There are three levels of difficulty

Shareware version 1.6
The first character you will meet... and probably kill >:)
You get to fight bats...
...relatives of Frankenstein's creation...
... skeletons and all the other "scary" things.
The levels contain various interesting places (here, a kitchen).
You can use this to go up or down a floor (There are more floors on a single level).
The level exit
Level completed (yay).
Library / Living room
The garden (almost a labyrinth).
Shooting around in the cemetery.
Some walls can be shot (like the one in the back).
The player starts the game unarmed. Be sure to get the gun before you run into the labyrinth

Shareware version 1.6
Some cupboards slide open to reveal good and/or bad things

Shareware version 1.6
The game exits with reminders to register and buy the next levels

Shareware version 1.6
The game has a demo mode which shows that at some point we get to use a magic wand ans that there are loads of keys and things to collect

Shareware version 1.6