Nitemare-3D Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
In-game instructions
Select one of the three episodes
The game offers several levels of difficulty
Beginning of the first level
Encounter with a mummy in the first level
Darn, nothing's on television!
Shooting our first weapon at our first enemy encounter
A very common enemy. There must somehow be a factory for Frankenstein monsters around here.
A mummy
You can't see it on this screenshot alone, but this house has an awful lot of chimneys.
You find a secret passage behind a shelf and get +3 on cheesiness.
Potions restore our health
Stairs leading up.
In the kitchen
The exit to the level.
Level statistics
The skeletons can shoot fireballs.
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Nitemare-3D Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The first character you will meet... and probably kill >:)
You get to fight bats...
...relatives of Frankenstein's creation...
... skeletons and all the other "scary" things.
The levels contain various interesting places (here, a kitchen).
You can use this to go up or down a floor (There are more floors on a single level).
The level exit
Level completed (yay).
Library / Living room
The garden (almost a labyrinth).
Shooting around in the cemetery.
Some walls can be shot (like the one in the back).