No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
A close-up of Cate Archer from the intro movie.
Santa, this mechanical bird, is actually a radio device that can give you important messages.
A bridge overlooking a waterfall on a dimly lit night.
Mascara, or a mini-tazer? I think the answer is obvious.
Notes like this can provide important information, or, more likely, humorous messages.
Mist created by the waterfall.
New to NOLF2, skill points allow you to upgrade certain aspects once enough have been accumulated.
Hiding is another new feature. Once this bar fills, I'll be hidden and can't be seen until I move or fire a weapon.
Returning from the original is the humor... as demonstrated by this person who's mom thinks her ninja gear isn't proper (note: never call your mom an old person).
Your keychain is equipped with a light to help you see when it's dark.
Your fighting ninja's, so why not use their weapons against them?
This isn't a compact, but a highly sophista-ma-cated decoding device.
Taking a nap, or unconscious? I'll take unconscious, Alex.
A note that's being decoded.
Searching bodies allows you to grab items, as well as remove weapons from unconscious enemies.
I have a feeling that pulling this switch wouldn't help me.
Yes, you can drive snowmobiles, just like in the first game.
This guy will be dead in five seconds, and he has no clue.
This is the load screen. Description and pictures change depending on the mission.
Footprints!! Who's there!?! Oh, wait--they're mine.
Something bad's happened if you see this screen.
Searching through files like this yields skill points and notes.
This icon means I can leave the area, but I can also come back.
Picking locks is vital to accessing areas, or objects, like this footlocker.
I must plant this bomb to blow up a radio antenna.
This is the radio antenna after being blown up, minus the debris that went flying.
Hope I can make this jump; if not, death (or very, very bad health).
My favorite weapon, ever, of any game, the sniper rifle. Yummy.
Did he see me coming? Apparently not.
Looks like the H.A.R.M. guys got hungry.
End of mission status screen; boy, I sucked that time!
Double agents have very particular books at their houses...
It's not easy to fight in a house when it's being destroyed by a tornado.
Cate Archer can be very pretty and also menacing.
Time for a snack at Unity headquarters