Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
One of the warlords
Select scenario: 1555 or 1571

Genesis version

Opening story
Warlord details
Title screen
Choose a scenario
Select the number of players
Choose a starting location
Main interface screen
Sub menu
Choosing what to develop
The game contains statistics for all types of things
Troops marching
Swords indicate a battle is happening
The victor of the battle
Game options

NES version

Opening story
Title screen
Explaining the other warlords.
A warlord's resources.
Each warlord takes his turn.
Neighbor invades neighbor.
They fight...
...but there can be only one victor.

PC-98 version

Title screen
This intro is a bit... creepy
Lovely calligraphy, that's for sure
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Introducing all the clowns... err... I mean... warlords
Main menu
Choose your country!
Your orders, my lord?
Are you sure, my lord? Really? Really-really, like the Donkey from Shrek movies says?..
Province statistics
List of all countries
Preparing for invasion...
Attacking a large capital city. Are you nuts, sending all your troops in?..
Let's do it, boys! For every kill I'm giving a pint of my best Budweiser... err... sake
Battle in a forest!...
Some political changes...
Rebellion is happening in one of the provinces... though its warlord seems to be more of a fashion designer than a serious strategist, what with the stylish hat and nice work on the moustache
Sometimes people just die. It happens too, you know
Look, all I wanted to know is how you trim those sideburns of yours. I can't quite reach the same effect with a simple Gilette razor, you know what I'm saying?
Diseases happen too, unfortunately...
Invasion of a large city. Thank you, genius Chinese physician Sun Simiao, for inventing gunpowder!..
Just because I look like Lenin on a rock tour in the 60-ies doesn't mean I can't become a powerful daimyo
What? I just conquered this city, killing all its inhabitants. And now some stupid warlord is going to conquer ME?! No justice in this world!..
Typhoon. Not an uncommon occurrence
While the warlords are playing their stupid games, simple folk is working hard...
Oy, I tell you, bubbe, you and I are going to turn Japan into something else, all you need is a bit of chutzpah, right?
How smart. Invading this town from two sides... That's when diplomacy pays off

Sharp X68000 version

From the intro
Map of Japan and commands
Ninja services

SNES version

Right after the Koei / Kou Shibusawa credits
Part of the intro background text
Blurb for Oda Nobunaga
Choose your daimyo
Main interface screen
Start of a battle
Battle on water
Invaders reach land
The attacker wins
Fate of losing daimyo
The whole clan wiped out
Choosing a general to perform an action
Viewing statistics for a general
Battle on land
A unit is routed
A general is captured
Fighting at night
One of your generals volunteers
Investing in farming increases land value
The volunteer gains a point of loyalty
Sending ninja to spy on a neighbor
The ninja bring back a report
A general dies of old age
Setting the harvest tribute rate
Two daimyo have a meeting
An Ikku sect riot occurs
Leader of the Ikku sect
A heavy snowfall
Result of the blizzard
Hiring the ronin
A wise general gives you advice
Sometimes advisor gives 2nd opinion
Attackers break through the outer gates
Battle at the keep

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Lovely intro with sakura
Nice calligraphy!..
Choose your... err... clown. Actually, that's a nice definition for all those warlords...
Main menu/Options
Choosing your power-hungry, psychotic warlord
Main in-game menu. Everything is decided here
Viewing your generals
At your service, sir!..
Viewing other lords' statistics
Natural disasters might occur
Things will happen regardless of your decisions
Look, I just wanted to ask how you trim your mustache so nicely. I always got trouble with mine, ya know what I'm sayin'?..
Decisions, decisions...
Sending troops
Final decisions before battle
Battle screen. Command menu
They attack my horses!..