Node Jumper Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
This is the game's menu. The target reticule bounces around the grid but does nothing. All the 'work' is done by the buttons at the bottom of the screen
The game's help screen
These are the game's configuration options. Music & sound can be adjusted. High scores can be viewed or cleared, and the player can view credits and other Soleau products
Starting a new game. Here the player must start at Mission 1 because it is the shareware version and not all missions are available
All missions start like this, basically it's a screen saying how many levels and lives there are
The start of Mission 1, level 1. The player controls the spark that's visible centre left. They must encircle each gem, walls turn green once they have been passed over
Mission 1, level 1. All the gems on the left have been released. Just got to get past the two guardians to do the same thing on the right
Mission 1, Level 1 completed. There are bonus scores for completion.
The start of Mission 1, level 2. A slightly more complex puzzle this time.
This is the shareware version so it displays a nag screen on exit. Note there are seven missions plus a bonus mission making forty levels in all