North Atlantic Convoy Raider Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Mission objective sink 4 British Battleships
Game start Bismarck heading into North Atlantic - spotted by PBY plane
Evades PBY tracking
Spies report convoy location
U-Boat helps find Victorious shadowing convoy
Help from U-Boat clear night can see all 4 British Battleship locations
Moving in to attack shipping convoy
Convoy destroyed - U-Boast will finish them off
Battle with Hood and it takes a minor hit
Bismarck taking some damage
Evade battleships and a carrier aircraft spots us
No damage from planes
Convoy shipping got passed us must catch them
The convoy has battleship protection
Taking major damage dealing with both Prince and KGV
Trying to give it back to them - our damage 57% we are down to 20 knots
Trying to give it back to them - Prince of Wales this time
Both Prince & KGV open up on the Bismarck major hits and damage at 91%
Game end - Bismarck sunk - British Major Victory

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
The gameplay screen
Selected 4 British Battleships - Prince, Hood, Vic, KGV
Got long range spies report of convoy
PBY spots us in route to convoy
U-Boats spots Prince of Wales
Moving into position to destroy the convoy
Damage done - U-boats will finish up
Spotted by HMS Hood
Break off Hood shadow - spies report again on convoy
Hood out of battle area spotted by U-boats
Turning away from Prince and KGV spotted by U-boats
Locked in battle with Prince - it launches torpedo bombers
Can't shake the torpedo plane - take a hit!
Broadsides on the Prince of Wales - she is in trouble
The Victorious is coming to help the Prince
Prince of Wales explodes from fire of the Bismarck
Trying to leave the battle area heading north - Found by the Hood torpedo planes
Now the Vic catches up and launches torpedo planes
Major problem all 3 battleships and torpedo planes - all is lost
Game end - German 125 British 200 British Minor victory

Commodore 64 version

Game start - 4 British Battleships patrol the North Atlantic to protect shipping
May 14th 10hrs out from port in fog
Major battle - King George V is sunk
0335 May 15th early morning searching for convoy
Evading Prince of Wales
Major battle - Prince of Wales is sunk
1012 May 15th Major battle - The Hood is sunk
14`1 May 15th Rodney spots the Bismarck
Major battle - The Rodney is sunk
1854 May 16th Found the convoy
Shadow the convoy destroying ships
1654 May 17th Still destroying convoy ships
Convoy moves beyond patrol range
Bismarck Major Victory - All British battleships sunk

Commodore PET/CBM version

Objectives - sink all British Battleships
Bismarck leaving port heading 270
2hrs into mission in Fog spotted by the Hood
In and out of fog - start exchanging broadsides with Hood
The battle drags on but we almost have the Hood
Hood blows up and sinks - 1 down 3 to go
Heading South 180 Bismarck is spotted by aircraft
Fog cover but spotted by both Rodney & King George
Trying to draw them apart so I can battle them one at a time
Engaged with Rodney taking damage and giving it back
Under cover of dense fog I break the Rodney battle
Sailing South 180 fog lifts and we run into Prince of Wales and Rodney - Bismarck is sunk - Game end

TRS-80 version

Title screen
The gameplay screen