Nostradamus Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Korean title screen
The E.B.A. system
Two pilots
First stage - the sunken city, that brown doohickey is the E.B.A. (red type)
Playing as Dalas completed stage 1, it counts the "B" (bonus) items collected
The "?" items are invisible but can be revealed by shooting at where they’re hidden. The more you collect, the more they’re worth, up to 40,000 points apiece
Stage 2 boss, playing as Joanna and holding down the fire button to form a shield
Second stage completed with Joanna
Stage 3 and Face's not-so-subtle bit of name placement
Phoenix wave (red E.B.A. wave weapon) against the third boss
Plasmic wave (blue E.B.A. wave weapon) on the fourth stage