Novastorm Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Intro shot 1
Intro shot 2
Main menu.
Before every stage the game introduces the new enemy types. well as mid-bosses.
Here is is - the Scavenger ship in all its glory!
Landing on a lava planet.
While the action window is relatively small, the video quality is outstanding.
Entering a lava tunnel.
Fighting the first mid-boss.
The orb on the bottom of the screen indicates the bosses health.
Starting level 1-2
Even this early on the game is not a pushover.
A short mid-level cutscene. There is a lot of them.
Fighting the second mid-boss.
...and it's toast.
Level 1-3... Novastorm is surprisingly long for an FMV game.
In this stage the game for the first time becomes difficult.
REALLY difficult.
About to fight the third mid-boss.

DOS version

Title Screen
Mission Briefing
Main Menu
Introductory cutscene
Blasting enemies
Don't hit that hill!
Don't hit that bridge!
Cutscene with motion blur
Mission Failure!
The first end-level boss
High Score Entry
Second boss
Third boss
Game over

FM Towns version

Title screen
The game begins with an explosion!
Intro FMV
Main menu
Mmm... purple...
Approaching the planet
This is FMV...
...and this is gameplay
Dramatic situation...
The first boss battle
Death animation
New mission objective
On the way to a different part of the planet
Cool angles
Be careful in those trenches
I have a protective shield
Before the boss battle
Trying to shoot down the defense system

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Main menu. Even here the background is a full motion video.
A screenshot from the long, long intro
And another intro shot. Though it might not look like it from the still screens, the video quality is quite high for a Sega CD game.
The interplanetary council is in session on the issue of a spreading computer virus.
This is your battle plan - kill EVERYTHING!
Scavenger 4 is ready to launch!
Loading screen. The logo actually rotates (now that's a big, big bitmap!)
Killing stuff with a single-shot early in the first level.
The action is often interrupted by cut-scenes.
Fighting the first mid-boss. This thing fires giant insta-kill maces at you, so watch out!
Unleashing a barrage of crude round sprites at the second mid-boss.
Yey! Your key to success in Novastorm is to acquire the triple-shot as soon as possible. The game becomes quite easy once you do.
Keeping the triple-shot is a challenge, however.
Another mid-boss. Unlike most other bosses in the game, this guy is completely sprite-based!
This mid-boss is a pain in the ass, as it has no clear weak spot. Killing it is a crapshoot.
Circling a volcanic crater.
Arriving at the world boss.
This boss might look impressive, but it really is a pushover.
See? easy!
Moving on to the next virus-infested planet.
Mmmmm, sand
The enemies become a lot quicker even this far in the game.
Yet again - lots of distracting cut-scenes
Tracking a giant bug.
As you really can't harm the homing projectiles this mid-boss shoots at you, avoid them for as long as you can.
The bug is sick of running from you, and makes a stand.
More sandy shooting action
Introducing... YOU!
Fighting a giant mech.
A mutant.. thing awaits you at the end of the tunnel.
The game gets REALLY hard at this point.
Another giant mech?
Yap, thought so...
Arriving at the ice planet.
Now THAT'S poor visibility.
I die...