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PlayStation 3

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Nintendo 64 12 3.5
PlayStation 17 3.4
PlayStation 3 2 3.0
PSP 2 3.0
Windows 16 3.5
Combined User Score 49 3.4

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Nintendo 64games xtreme
I think this game will keep you entertained for absolutely ages. I know that whenever I turn it on, I just shut off from the outside world and get sucked right into it's little world. I mean, it's just one of those games, that when you start to play, you slowly stop noticing people around you, and basically become a totally ignorant git! After all, who the hell wants distractions from friends and family when you can have as much fun as you can while playing this. I like it, because you can either follow the plot to actually get on in the game. Or if you don't care about progressing - Like me half of the time - then you can just go around shoot anything with a pulse, or without!
WindowsElectric Games
Nonetheless, if you like fast and furious action, blowing things up and tearing through your enemies in intelligent missions, run right out and buy this game now. Bottom Line: Fast-paced action, excellent graphics, and a LOT of fun to play. Wonderful mission design, and a good background story as well. A bad save game design is the only real flaw in an otherwise excellent game.
If you liked Soviet Strike then you’re going to love this, as it is basically more of the same sort of stuff with added trickery and re-jigging, although perhaps it isn’t quite as challenging as it could have been. We found that some campaigns tended to peak in the middle and trail off towards the end rather than build a steady level of difficulty that reaches fever pitch at the climax. Still Nuclear Strike is a very challenging and well thought out game that will keep you riveted for weeks.
WindowsMega Score
Nuclear Strike não será certamente o supra-sumo da originalidade. Mas a verdade é que a série tem sabido renovar-se nos aspectos essenciais, a jogabilidade permanece agradável e a Electronic Arts continua a vender centenas de milhares de cópias. Lá está a velha trivialidade: em equipa que se ganha, não se mexe.
There are games that I will buy and play for a month or two and never play again, and there are games that I will come back to play again and again over the years. I believe Nuclear Strike will fall under the latter category. It is very simple, yet fun, with great graphic and sound qualities. There is no doubt in my mind that Nuclear Strike was designed and meant to be played in conjunction with a 3Dfx graphic accelerator. If you have the 3Dfx, put this game on your Christmas list. If you don't, put the 3Dfx on your Christmas list first, because more and more games are requiring this chipset to look the way they do in the box shots, and this is definitely one of them.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Action-Freunde bekommen mit Nuclear Strike 64 ein erstklassiges Game geliefert, das aufgrund seiner intelligent agierenden Gegner, der sehr guten Steuerung und des überzeugende Aufbaus der verschiedenen Missionen den Spieler auch auf längere Sicht begeistern kann.
WindowsPC Jeux
On ne s'ennuie pas une seule seconde. Vous vouliez de l'action ? Vous allez en avoir !
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
If you are familiar with and liked the previous “Strike” games, you’ll love this one just as much. While this is a great action game, don’t assume it’s mindless -- you have to think and react quickly to situations. The game is very challenging, but not impossible and gives a feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish a mission. Be advised, though, It can also be a bit frustrating at times due to this challenge. Overall it is still a fun game. If you are looking for a challenging action/strategy game, Nuclear Strike 64 may be right up your alley which is why I give it a score of 85.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Being a Strike fan myself I really enjoyed the new features. You feel invincible in the Harrier jet and, with care, you probably are. The tanks and scud launchers were fun but if you played around with them for too long the mission would certainly be lost. The only complaint I could envisage from veterans is that it's all over a little too fast. Don't get me wrong, each campaign should take hours to finish and you could always go back for more of the same, but I completed the whole game within a week.
PlayStationVideo Games
Als hilfreicher Einfall ist der eingebaute „Waypoint-Pfeil“ (im Kompaß integriert) zu bezeichnen. Hiermit behaftet Ihr immer die Übersicht und wißt somit ziemlich präzise, in welchem Abschnitt sich das nächste Ziel befindet. Dadurch spart Ihr Euch eine Menge Ärger bei zeitkritischen „Search & Destroy“-Missionen. Trotzdem, ein sehr intelligenter Levelaufbau und das ausgezeichnete „Wargame“-Ambiente spornen einen immer wieder an, in der Kampagne ein Stückchen weiterzukommen. Das ausgeklügelte 3D-System der Entwickler erlaubte es nicht nur, fotorealistische Polygon-Flächen in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit darzustellen, sondern gestattet zudem ein effektvolles „Light Sourcing“, was an bewegten 3D-Objekten wie z.B. bei Gebäuden oder Panzern sehr schön zur Geltung kommt. Bleibt abschließend zu sagen, daß EA mit Nuclear Strike einen in allen Punkten verbesserten Nachfolger präsentiert, der einen wieder nächtelang an den Bildschirm fesselt.
WindowsPower Play
„Nuclear Strike“ beinhaltet letztendlich alles, was dem Liebhaber von beinharten Actionspielen Freude bereitet und weiß zudem mit seiner optischen Präsentation auf ganzer Linie zu überzeugen. Selten wird man mit einer derart imposanten Grafik und solch beeindruckenden Explosionen verwöhnt, wobei sich beinahe jedes Objekt auf dem Bildschirm in seine Einzelteile verlegen läßt. Die zahlreichen Missionen sowie die diversen Fortbewegungsmittel, die man im Laufe der Kampagne steuern muß, lassen so schnell keine Langeweile aufkommen. Aufgrund des selbst in der leichtesten Stufe recht anspruchsvollen Schwierigkeitsgrades wird man an den komplexen Kampagnen des weiteren eine Weile zu knabbern haben. Hat man bereits begeistert den Vorgänger „Soviet Strike“ gespielt, wird man sicherlich auch an „Nuclear Strike“ gefallen finden. Ich frage mich allerdings, ob das auf realistisch getrimmte Ambiente und das Eliminieren von kleinen Pixelmännchen bei allen auf so viel Gegenliebe stoßen wird.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Overall, Nuclear Strike is a winner. Electronic Arts put a lot of work into this one. I must admit I was skeptical at the sight of yet another 'Strike' game, because come on, how much could they change it? But I was pleasantly surprised and found myself addicted to saving the world from nuclear disaster. There are a few problems with the game, but they're all overshadowed by its strengths. It's also true that this is basically the same rehash of the its predecessors, but it stands as a great game on its own. Nuclear Strike is a definite buy for fans who haven't tired of the series, and at least a 'rent me' for those who have been locked in the closet and haven't played any 'Strike' games.
Coming from a guy who normally sucks at this type of game, Nuclear Strike is a fun title. After getting used to everything, I was unstoppable (maybe I should have not been playing on easy). The graphics, controls and easy execution should offer casual flight sim/combat gamers some hours of fun. It is nice to see that someone has made this type of game with complex features and stories with easy execution.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Insgesamt ist Nuclear Strike vor allem dank der erstklassig designten Missionen ein enorm motivierendes Suchtspiel, bei dem Actionfans mit taktischen Neigungen und einer guten Portion Durchhaltevermögen auf ihre Kosten kommen.
WindowsPC Zone
On top of this, the graphics are obviously lovely thanks to the 3Dfx support, but for what initially appears to be a fairly simple game it really does require one hell of a lot of processing grunt to run: on a P133 with 16Mb and a 3Dfx there was some serious slow-down when the action heated up. I have to say I enjoyed it though - there are games on the PC that might do a better job of satiating your desire for helicopter combat, but Nuclear Strike's storyline and variety help pull it out from the crowd.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
In the end, NUCLEAR STRIKE manages to be a fascinating, challenging, and varied experience with plenty of gameplay to justify the price of admission.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide
When all is said and done, Nuclear Strike 64 is a fine example of an excellent shooting game. With plenty to see and to do, you'll be spending a lot of time out in the field. The extra vehicles and the fantastic graphics and sound help bring the experience home in a pleasantly forceful manner. If you're feeling aggressive, you just found your outlet.
Nuclear Strike on tähänastisista Strike-peleistä paras. Silti toivoisi, että Electronic Arts tuoreistaisi tunnelmia jatkossa jollakin muulla keinolla kuin hyvin tuotetuilla mutta huonosti näytellyillä videovälikkeillä. Future Strike on jo huhujen mukaan suunnitteluvaiheessa...
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Strike fans will definitely lust for the chopper heroics of this, the newest and best of the Strike games. But newcomers may find the action too involved, while Command & Conquer cadets may find the blast-and-fly past strategy too simple. Go Nuclear if your heart can take another Strike.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Nuclear Strike is een degelijk tot goed spel. De missies en opdrachten zijn zeer gevarieerd waardoor het spel nooit gaat vervelen. Indien EA de save functie beter had uitgewerkt, had men de speler heel wat frustratie kunnen besparen en had dit spel, mede door de mooie graphics, kunnen uitgroeien tot een leuke topper in het actiegenre.
WindowsPC Action
Der Schwierigkeitsgrad wurde im Vergleich zum Vorgänger etwas abgemildert, für Neueinsteiger gilt dennoch: viel Geduld und immer wieder versuchen. Man taucht in eine eigene Welt, in der CPU-gesteuerte Figuren als Verbündete in Scharen um einen herumwuseln. Wie in der Realität schwenkt deren Verhalten bei falscher Behandlung von neutral in angriffslustig um. Zeitgemäß sind auch die Videosequenzen, welche die Dynamik des Spieles widerspiegeln und oft genug eine hilfreiche Ergänzung darstellen. Wer bereits Soviet Strike gespielt hat, wird sich bei Nuclear Strike wie zu Hause fühlen.
WindowsPC Joker
Ganz persönlich muß ich zugeben, Nuclear Strike lieber auf der Playstation zu spielen. Die Bildauflösung liegt dort zwar um einiges niedriger als am PC, doch erscheint mir die Steuerung auf der Konsole einen Tick spontaner. Dennoch sollten die Fans strategischer Baller-Action dieses tolle Game auch am Computer nicht links liegenlassen.
Nuclear Strike is the PC port of the extremely successful console Strike series, and a brilliant port it is. You're an elite commando who can pilot just about any piece of military equipment thrown your way, and you're heading up the task of stopping those ubiquitous nuclear-armed terrorists before they can do their bad-guy thing.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Reden wir nicht lange um den heißen Brei herum. Nuclear Strike 64 mag man oder man kann mit der gesamten Materie nichts anfangen. Fans der Strike-Serie, die einen Nebelwerfer zu Hause haben, sollten sich auf alle Fälle das Modul genauer anschauen, vor allem weil der Schwierigkeitsgrad im Gegensatz zu anderen Teilen endlich auf ein vernünftiges Niveau herabgesetzt wurde. Für alle, die bisher noch keinen Teil der Strike-Reihe kennen, sei gesagt dass es sich um normale Shooter-Action auf normalem Kriegsniveau handelt. Mögt ihr die Thematik nicht, lasst einfach die Finger davon.
However, at its heart Nuclear Strike is the same game as Soviet Strike, only with better graphics and a wider variety of vehicles. Hopefully EA won't fall into the trap its sports division has, releasing the same game year after year with minor improvements. Nuclear Strike is receiving an 8 (one less than Soviet Strike) for just this reason. It's not a bad game, it's just more of the same.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer
Det här är inget djupt spel, men det är kul. Känslan i styrningen är lika bra som i föregångarna. Om det här spelet var en film så skulle det väl inte vara någon tung Kieslowski-klassiker, utan snarare en av Hollywoods mest explosionsfyllda actionrullar, med John Travolta som pilot.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Eine wirklich konsequente Fortsetzung der Strike-Serie! Zwar war auch der Vorgänger Soviet Strike schon kein Pappenstiel – doch erst jetzt zeigt sich, wer Haare auf der Brust hat. Nuclear Strike liegt mit seinem höllischen Schwierigkeitsgrad an der absoluten Obergrenze des Genres, erzeugt aber nur selten ernste Frustration. Kein Wunder: Grafik, Sound, Steuerung und Story ziehen den Spieler so sehr in ihren Bann, daß selbst der x-te Versuch, eine bestimmte Mission zu meistern, immer noch genug Spaß macht. Zwei Dinge kann ich dem Spiel trotzdem nicht verzeihen: Warum ist bereits der Schwierigkeitsgrad "Leicht" superschwer? Und warum gibt es keine Speicherfunktion innerhalb der Kampagnen?
Nintendo 64IGN
Nuclear Strike 64 is the sort of game that if you wanted, and had an ax to grind, you could probably nit pick to death. Sometimes the map is a little confusing with the use of light blue and dark blue and I didn't particularly like the fact that after you died, the game keeps running while your vehicle resurrects. There are probably a half a dozen other little things like that. However that is to take a small view and not the big picture. Nuclear Strike 64 is a good and challenging mission based game that continues a fine tradition in grand style. I don't think it'll win many awards or huge accolades. Its biggest selling point is that in addition to doing most things well it doesn't do anything badly. A rather solid effort.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
Ultimately, all of this sound and fury adds up to little more than a temporary diversion. Nuclear Strike doesn't have much replayability and there's no multiplayer to save the day. Additionally, there's little to no AI to speak of and the performance lags on low-end machines (even with a 3Dfx). However, if you can stomach the tacky premise and are interested in some quick thrills, Nuclear Strike delivers.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
The game looks great and is full of explosions. This N64 version has been simplified somewhat from the PC series of Strike games, but even so it has lots of action. A bit of nuclear terrorism adds a nice touch to any day.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
The varied mission design and fast action of Nuclear Strike make it a worthwhile shooter, even if the game it was based on is more than two years old. Some players may find that the enemies don't aim well enough, making the game a little too easy, but it's a fun experience regardless. Just start out playing it on the hard difficulty to ensure you get your money's worth.
If you liked the previous entries in this series, Nuclear Strike is a game that you will probably enjoy. As far as shoot-'em-ups go, it's fun, but it lacks anything in the way of innovation. The simple approach suits the game well enough, but you'll definitely feel empty afterwards (and a tad motion sick). In short: Rent, don't buy.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar
When it comes to creating an action game, it would be nice to play something that requires a little bit more than just holding down the fire button continuously. In Nuclear Strike 64, that's just about all you do. The background graphics look pretty good (but the actual units graphics are horrible), but the premise (players control a multitude of vehicles in an attempt to blow up anything and everything related to a Big Evil Terrorist Guy) leaves a bit to be desired. However, if all you're looking for is a game where you can fly around in a helicopter, drive a tank and manipulate 10 other vehicles in a destructive fest, well, here you go.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Hippe Generäle und coole Kommunikationsoffiziere bringen mich meinem Auftragsziel nicht näher, bereichern mich dafür um eine Reihe nervös zuckender Gesichtsmuskeln. Letzteres ist nicht weiter tragisch, da 99 Prozent der Einsätze auch mit der nordhessischen Kirmestaktik "Rum und druff" zu absolvieren sind. Vor dem GAU rettet Nuclear Strike die Grafik,