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WindowsGame Tunnel
While just shy of perfection in its scores Oasis is a definite 10 overall. The game is flawlessly designed to create a wonderful experience in strategy/world-building that even those who don't really get into the genre can enjoy. If for whatever reason you needed to read all the way to the end of the review before deciding to download the game I would hope you are doing yourself the favor of doing so now. Oasis is one of the best gaming experiences I've had this year.
I am a huge Civilization nut, so Oasis was exactly my type of game. So, consider your own preferences when checking my enthusiasm for Oasis. I'm sorry the game doesn't look better, because a good title always deserves to put its best foot forward. Otherwise, I was immediately addicted to Oasis and keep at it until I beat the bottom three difficulty settings. But then I was done. While it lasts, though, Oasis offers smart strategy game play.
Overall, Oasis is the right combination of strategy and puzzle, and will keep gamers who are looking for a bit of a challenge happy for hours. A free 60-minute trial of the game is available for download, so give this one a try!