Oberon 69 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Target planet
Landing area
Title screen
Main menu
Start up location
Welcome committee
On the rock platform
Action comments
Lonely lady
underground machinery
Inside level mini boss
Gate to the next location
Red planet landscape
Huge spider beneath
Control panel
Control panel menu
Narrow corridor
Protecting the green haired lady
18+ only
Turret ahead
Moving to the underground
Air lift
Toxic containers area

Amstrad CPC version

Intro sequence.
Loading screen.
First screen... The action begins.
Recharging energy.

DOS version

Title Screen
Game Heroes
Game menu
First screen... The action begins!
Beware! Under enemy fire!
Recharging energy
Hostile Area
Killed in Action

ZX Spectrum version

Part of the load game sequence
There's a short animation that shows a spaceship drop something small onto the planet
That small thing is another craft which in turn also drops something small onto the planet
Then comes the big colourful splash screen. Odd that the planet we've just been dropped onto is in the background.
Game controls menu
Action key definition
This is the start of the game. The little guy in the space suit is controlled by the player. The big guy in the foreground is window dressing, his speech bubble occasionally fills with a message
First alien contact and the best advice the big guy can give is Arghh!
The beginning is mainly giant bugs, just zapped one, and mini saucers
The coach likes it when something gets shot
He can shoot upwards which is handy since that's where these little saucer things come from
This is a fine time to find out that ammo is not unlimited.
Desperately looking for ammunition
Can't go any further to the right.