Odell Lake Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title Screen and Copyright Information
Main Menu
High Score List
Make a decision
Deep escape from Otter
Going to eat the insects and larvae
Ate insects and larvae
Chase away another fish
Deep escape from Osprey
Escaped from Osprey
Did not escape this time

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen and Copyright Information
Information on the game
A word about MECC
Description of your goal in the game
Select the fish you want to be
The lake is empty in the very beginning
Your fish appears
What will your blueback do with Rainbow Trout?
Swimming shallower from Mackinaw trout (as blueback)
Ignoring the whitefish (as blueback)
Eating the plankton (as blueback)
Trying to swim deeper from Dolly Varden (as blueback)
Game over. Dolly Varden killed your fish (blueback).
Encountering the otter as Dolly Varden
Eating the chub as Dolly Varden
Encountering the osprey as Dolly Varden
You survived successfully as Dolly Varden
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