Table Tennis Trivia (Odyssey)

Table Tennis Odyssey Playing a match. Taken using ODYEMU running on DOSBox, making it an emulation of an emulation of the game.


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The game's cartridge, like all other Odyssey's cartridges, didn't contain any electronic components. It merely had electrical contacts which, when plugged into the console, would interconnect its internal logic circuits in order to produce the desired mechanics of the game.

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This was one of the 12 games shipped with the original Odyssey system in 1972. They were Table Tennis, Ski, Simon Says, Tennis, Analogic, Hockey, Football, Cat and Mouse, Haunted House, Submarine, Roulette and States.


Table Tennis is the only game for the Odyssey system that does not require fixing a color overlay to the TV screen, to provide a background picture. All that is seen on the display are the white dots and lines produced by the console itself.


This is the game that inspired Pong. Atari founder, Nolan Bushnell, saw this game at a demonstration by Magnavox. When Pong was released, it looked so much like this game that Magnavox sued. Atari paid a one-time license fee of $700,000.00 to Magnavox.

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