Entry Codes - TameContributed by B.L. Stryker (21074) on Aug 19, 2004.

LEVEL: CODE: ----- ----
1: Down And Out Lemmings ---------- 2: Rent-a-Lemming IHRTDLCCAR 3: Undercover Lemming LRTDLCADAO 4: Downwardly Mobile Lemmings RTDLCILEAH 5: Snuggle up to a Lemming TDLCAHVFAQ 6: Intsy-Wintsy...Lemming? DLCIHVTGAJ 7: Who's That Lemming LCALVTDHAG 8: Dangerzone CILVTDLIAP 9: And now this... CAHRUDLJAR 10: New Lemmings On The Block IHRUDLCKAK 11: With Compliments LRUDLCALAH 12: Citizen Lemming RUDLCILMAQ 13: Thunder-Lemmings are go! UDLCAHVNAJ 14: Get a little extra help DLCIHVUOAS 15: Not just a pretty Lemming LCALVUDPAP 16: Gone With The Lemming CILVUDLQAI 17: Honey, I Saved The Lemmings CAHRTFLBBL 18: Lemmings For Presidents! IHRTFLCCBE 19: Lemming Productions Present... LRTFLCADBR 20: Custom built for Lemmings RTFLCILEBK

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