Entry Codes - CrazyContributed by B.L. Stryker (21072) on Aug 19, 2004.

LEVEL: CODE: ----- ----
1: Quote: "That's a good level" TFLCAHVFBD 2: Dolly Dimple FLCIHVTGBM 3: Many Lemmings make level work LCALVTFHBJ 4: Lemming Express CILVTFLIBS 5: 24 hour Lemathon CAHRUFLJBE 6: The Stack IHRUFLCKBN 7: And now, the end is near... LRUFLCALBK 8: KEEP ON TRUCKING RUFLCILMBD 9: On the Antarctic Coast UFLCAHVNBM 10: ROCKY VI FLCIHVUOBF 11: No Problemming! LCALVUFPBS 12: Lemming Friendly CILVUFLQBL 13: It's a trade off CAHRTDMBCL 14: Time waits for no Lemming IHRTDMCCCE 15: Worra load of old blocks! LRTDMCADCR 16: Across The Gap RTDMCILECK 17: DIGGING FOR VICTORY TDMCAHVFCD 18: NO PROBLEM DMCIHVTGCM 19: DON'T PANIC MCALVTDHCJ 20: Ice Ice Lemming CILVTDMICS

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