Entry Codes - WickedContributed by B.L. Stryker (21072) on Aug 19, 2004.

LEVEL: CODE: ----- ----
1: LeMming ToMato KetchUp fAcilitY UFMCAHVNDP 2: Introducing SUPERLEMMING FMCIHVUODI 3: This Corrosion MCALVUFPDF 4: Oh No! It's the 4TH DIMENSION! CILVUFMQDO 5: Chill out! GAHRTDLBEQ 6: PoP TiL YoU DrOp! IHRTDLGCEJ 7: Last Lemming To Lemmingcentral LRTDLGADEG 8: A TOWERING PROBLEM RTDLGILEEP 9: How on Earth? TDLGAHVFEI 10: Temple of Love DLGIHVTGER 11: ROCKY ROAD LGALVTDHEO 12: Suicidal Tendencies GILVTDLIEH 13: Almost Nearly Virtual Reality GAHRUDLJEJ 14: The Lemming Learning Curve IHRUDLGKES 15: SPAM,SPAM,SPAM,EGG AND LEMMING LRUDLGALEP 16: Five Alive RUDLGILMEI 17: Down the tube UDLGAHVNER 18: LoTs moRe wHeRe TheY caMe fRom DLGIHVUOEK 19: Up, Down or Round and Round LGALVUDPEH 20: The Lemming Funhouse GILVUDLQEQ

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