Entry Codes - HavocContributed by B.L. Stryker (21072) on Aug 19, 2004.

LEVEL: CODE: ----- ----
1: Tubular Lemmings GAHRTFLBFD 2: Be more than just a number IHRTFLGCFM 3: It's the price you have to pay LRTFLGADFJ 4: The race against cliches RTFLGILEFS 5: There's madness in the method TFLGAHVFFL 6: Now get out of that! FLGIHVTGFE 7: Creature Discomforts LGALVTFHFR 8: Lemming about town GILVTFLIFK 9: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! GAHRUFLJFM 10: Flow Control IHRUFLGKFF 11: Welcome to the party, pal! LRUFLGALFS 12: It's all a matter of timing RUFLGILMFL 13: HIGHLAND FLING UFLGAHVNFE 14: Synchronised Lemming FLGIHVUOFN 15: Have an ice day LGALVUFPFK 16: Scaling the Heights GILVUFLQFD 17: Where Lemmings Dare GAHRTDMBGD 18: Lemmings in a situation IHRTDMGCGM 19: Looks a Bit Nippy Out There LRTDMGADGJ 20: LOoK BeFoRe YoU LeAp! RTDMGILEGS

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