Oil Barons Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Epyx logo
Title screen
Setting up the starting properties
Auction for a parcel of land
Would you like to survey this parcel of land?
The Oil Street Journal keeps you up to date...
Preparing for a survey in the arctic
A balance sheet
Oh uh, a lawsuit!!

Commodore 64 version

Quite a thoughtful thing to start with
Title screen
This is very much a multiplayer game by design
These are randomly assigned to start with
Two overall obejctives
And several subtly different game modes
Gamble mode can be fun
Everybody wants a piece of the auction
The bidding process for sites
The CPU barons are always fighting it out
This has all got pretty intense
One last chance to bid
Choose a location to explore
The results of the initial investigations
Driller on the loose
What did we find?
Nothing of value here
Desert drilling
Not all sites are complete shots in the darek

DOS version

Title screen
Set up each player for a new game
The computer may hold an auction for new pieces of land
Survey the land before drilling
You may wish to restore land you've destroyed...
Review costs before drilling
You may not always find oil at a promising location...
The Oil Street Journal reports on game progress
The government can help or hinder a players strategy
Receive a loan when in debt
The financial statement for a player