Oil Barons Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
First turn: smog units needed for pollution control.
Throwing some cash at R&D
Let's divvy up some investments!
Gotta own some wells, right?
Meanwhile, at the stock exchange...
Expanding the portfolio of Moby Petroleum.
Oh no you don't, Union bastards!
No foreign oil due to the strike. Thanks, socialism!
Our stations are leaking money...
Let the black gold flow!
Ah, that smell of unbridled capitalism in the air.
Moby Petroleum goes from strength to strength.
Ooh, dividends? Gimme!
Selling off our oil reserves for some hard cash.
Let's lube those foreign lobby guys up a bit.
That meddlesome EPA just has to butt in...
Mental note: hire more competent tanker crews.
Busted for tax fraud!
Looks like I'll be sitting out this turn in the slammer...
...and if that wasn't enough, we're in liquidation.
Some good news for a change. Thank you, R&D!
It's the final turn, and our net worth is up!
Drilling deeper has just paid off
End-of-game statistics
Earned me a place in the annals of greed!

DOS version

Title screen
An oil tanker's load of instructions...
Looking smugly down on my refinery.
First turn - some pertinent company data
Sinking some cash into domestic oil
And now for some foreign barrels
Always make sure to curb pollution!
The R&D guys need some dough, too
Profit and loss at the end of the first half-year
Gotta manage those investments
Expanding our chain of service stations
Paying off the domestic lobby can't hurt...
And don't forget the foreigners!
Let's play the market
Buying shares
Uh oh... dry well!
Things ain't looking up for Vile Industries.
Forced into a liquidation of assets
Wall Street Review brings in the bad news.
Meanwhile, our diligent R&D guys have been working hard.
Drilling yet another well...
We just can't catch a break.
Hostile takeover attempt. This guy doesn't look like he means well
Oooh, this looks like good news for a change.
Oh, right... we don't *own* any stock.
This year's top 10 barons.