Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair

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WindowsTech with Kids (Computing with Kids)
As a new character in the children’s software market, Ollo is adorable. His first title has a charming story, contains stunning clay animation graphics, and teaches in a subtle but constant manner.
WindowsEdutaining Kids
Some of the challenges that kids uncover through the adventure include finding items for Rose that will help her grow her tomato, rebuilding a nest for a bird, planting flowers in special order in the garden, and fixing a stove for Ollo's baker friend. Children earn parts for a marble game as they move through the story, play mini-games that reinforce academic basics, and learn to think ahead as they perform various tasks in Sunny Valley. The program features beautiful locales for kids to explore. A narrator tells the story as it unfolds, and closed captioning is available.
Ollo in The Sunny Valley Fair plays just like a familiar storybook and it's as cute as can be. The narration is excellent and is subtitled throughout. The graphics too are extremely good, both friendly and colourful, and with some loveable, bright-eyed characters to get to know. The manual for Ollo is included on the disk and is accessible from the opening 'splash' screen. As well as a general overview of the game and some technical tips, it has a step by step walkthrough so there's no chance of getting stuck.
WindowsReview Corner
This outstanding program for preschoolers will simultaneously delight children and challenge them to think. It features story-telling with an interactive twist, an enjoyable system of "chapters", and charming graphics. We highly recommend this program and expect it to quickly become many preschoolers' favorite.
Ollo in The Sunny Valley Fair combines learning and fun in an approachable game with excellent production values. It's probably not challenging enough for players of grade-school age, but preschoolers will love it.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Dankzij zijn unieke tekenstijl heeft Ollo en de Reuzentomaat een streepje voor op andere educatieve kindersoftware.
Windows7Wolf Magazine
В общем и целом "Ollo" сделана весьма неплохо и, надо полагать, сыграет свою положительную роль в деле образования подрастающего поколения. Приятная пластилиновая графика, а также простота, понятность и доступность даже для самой малой аудитории делает игрушку весьма интересной для молодых родителей, желающих подарить своему юному дарованию новое образовательное приключение. Так чадо и от родичей на какое-то время отвяжется, да и компьютер с молочных зубов начнет осваивать, что в будущем, кстати говоря, очень даже не помешает.