Olympic Gold: Barcelona '92 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
Select your language.
Main menu
The Olympic records
If you choose Training Session, select your event.
Some events request you select a skill level.
The sprint
The hammer throw
This is how far I threw.
...release! Well, it's not a bull's-eye but at least I hit the target.
Running the hurdles.
Set the bar height for the pole vault.
Ready to go.
I need to lower the pole.
Up and over!
In diving, select what dive(s) to do.
Ready to dive.
Headed for splashdown.
Swimming race
If you choose to do the full Olympics, you must enter names.
The lighting of the torch
Let the doves fly!
Sprint heat 1
The medals after the sprint
The point standings after the sprint

Genesis version

Olympic games history
Selecting language
Title screen and main menu
I'm kinda late...
Bow shooting
Choosing your player
It begins!
Hey, I'm trying!
What a result
You are supposed to jump over this thing, not to run into it
I'll slay you with my Masamune sword, Demon of Darkness! Kisama! Fuzakeru na!!.. Oops... Wrong game
Jumping, jumping
Sophisticated water diving
The water is too cold, I'd better stay here
Back again, guys?

SEGA Master System version

About to dive
Perfect form
Title Screen
High jump
Hammerthrow 2
Soft landing
Choose a country
Main menu
Choose a sport
If you win one, you get to see a picture of your medal and hear the athlete's nation's anthem.