On The Ball is a soccer manager simulation that differentiates itself from the others by its novel emphasis on the psychological aspects of the game. The game gives you, as team manager, full control over not just the strategies but even on what kind of "pep talk" you can give during half-time and PR moves to enhance public perception. Choose the host country, and lead your team from Qualification to World Cup in World Cup Edition and lead your English team to win the championship in League Edition.

Contributed by Andrew Hartnett (2292) on Dec 09, 2000.

An unusual take on the football management game, which features virtually no statistics. Your aim is to lead the team through the World Cup, from qualifying to the actual tournament.

The players each have individual personalities, and these have been factored in during the game. Sometimes players will drink too much, fall in love, or have personality clashes with their team-mates or with you, all of which have to be factored in.

At half-time in each match you can single out a particular player for praise or criticism - if the team feels that you were unfair, their performance might fade. The World Cup is emulated accurately, other than rather sloppily having 2 points for a win instead of 3.

Contributed by Martin Smith (66824) on May 07, 2004.