Once Upon a Knight Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu (Polish version)
This is Prince John, hero of the singleplayer RTS campaign.
Although the graphics seem a bit outdated at times, the full 3D engine shows some pretty pictures.
Building a village in the RTS mode.
These cows provide milk, the only resource in the game.
A sneaky attack at night by some witches and a wizard.
You can generate health while standing or sleeping, but these regeneration portals speed up the process.
Some part of the action takes place in underground dungeons. Switch views quickly with the Tab key.
A group of priestesses takes on a swamp monster.
These teleportation spots take a part of your army to a new location for short quests.
Setting up a character in the RPG section of the game.
The RPG interface, with room for an inventory, skills, special actions and weapons.
A mighty portal covers the surroundings with red smoke. Quite some detail has been put in the environment.