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Apple II

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The Birth of EA Sports PC Booter Ummagumma (73)
I remember this game! A very little known CLASSIC and GEM ! Commodore 64 XplOrOrOr (16)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.2
Apple II 9 3.7
Atari 7800 5 2.6
Atari 8-bit 4 3.4
ColecoVision 4 3.2
Commodore 64 9 3.6
Macintosh 4 3.5
PC Booter 16 3.5
TRS-80 CoCo 3 4.0
Combined User Score 60 3.4

Critic Reviews

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AmigaGénération 4
Un excellent basket qui respecte tous les mouvements des pros. A VOUS LA VICTOIRE ! ! ! !
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic
It's great fun and very competitive, especially with two players. A referee who looks like Mario calls penalties like traveling, charging, hacking, and "reaching in" (a little outdated there). Extra features include automatic instant replays and the ability to shatter the backboard. That's right, and when the backboard is broken, a robot with a broom shows up and screams profanity at the players (I'm exaggerating a bit). Another thing I love about One on One is its extensive options menu. You can select between four skill levels and set various rules. This game was, and is still, all that!
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic
Here's a neat little one-on-one basketball game featuring Dr. J and Larry Bird. The guys look cartoonish, but they can still exhibit their patented fade away jumpers and slam dunks. I love these graphics. The half-court is well detailed, and the wooden floor looks great. The gameplay is simple and fun, although a bit slow. The only offensive moves are spin and shoot, and the defensive moves are limited to steal and jump. There is a nice menu of play modes to choose from, which makes it easy to customize your game. The computer opponent provides a worthy challenge.