Enabling Cheat ModeContributed by DS___ (8) on Nov 06, 2010.

The game has to be completed to invoke cheats. One can check this after pressing 'F1' (opening Diary) and typing the cheats. If the cheat worked the hint area will show the cheat status.

For example: Press 'F1' and type 'liveforever' to enable GOD mode. The hint area will indicate 'God mode enabled' in orange font. If this does not happen then the game has to be completed once to enable cheats.

To enable cheats without completing the game involves using a hex editor ( a hexadecimal file editor) to modify a file.

1. Make a backup of the 'persist.dat' file in the Oni game folder. 2. Open this file using the hex editor. 3. Go to offset 0x44 and change value to '07' 4. Save and start the game. The cheats should work now.

Co-incidence: In the 'Rise of the Phoenix' level, when Konoko talks to the lab technician, she says Griffin made her a monster when she was '07' years old, the value to enable cheats.

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