Onslaught Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Main menu
High scores
Choosing a location
This'll do
Game start
Got the sword ready
The remnants of my kills are exploding
One of the non-platform levels
Move around the edge to target the centre and avoid the tentacles
Get the money bag
Pretty foes all in a row
Game over

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
Introduction sequence (VGA)
You can never have too many logos (VGA)
Intro sequence (EGA)
Logo (EGA)
Intro sequence (CGA)
Logo (CGA)

Genesis version

Title screen
Options screen
Password screen
Choosing a location on the world map.
Getting information on an area before entering it.
When you enter an area you are informed to what you are about to do.
Defeating enemy soldiers.
An enemy soldier mans a cannon.
You have to keep climbing up the ladders to get to the top of the castle.
Fighting an enemy in the water temple.
Slain by the Grodrot.