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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The situation in Skira is dire.
Air support is always very useful.
Targeting a tank with a Javelin-rocket-launcher
The mission has been completed. Last step: Getting to the evac helicopter.
Artillery support is available to bomb the hell out of that town in front.
The white cloud marks an antitank-team.
Follow the burning vehicles to find the airport.
The radial menu allows you to command your troops.
I'm hiding and waiting for the enemy troops to leave. That guy in front had the luck of finding me.
War is no funny business as you can see by their faces.
There's something seriously wrong down there.
Sneaking through the night in search for our target.
We've spotted a Jeep.
That guard won't be alive much longer.
The main duty of a soldier is to make things go boom.
The target has been eliminated - back to the evac point.
Scouting the area with my weapon.
Our next target is up ahead.
A lonely farmstead previously guarded by a lonely guard killed by a lonely bullet by a lonely soldier on a lonely island.
Why walk if you can drive?
Don't admire the view too long or a sniper will get you.
Why drive if you can fly?
Aiming with the grenade launcher to take out that guard post.
The evac-helicopter is arriving.
Laying a trap for some tanks with my friend here.
We've been in heavy fighting - my hand is bloody and wounded.
The map shows you everything you need to know.
The PC-version features an editor

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu resembles current U.S. Army recruitment ads.
Pre-mission briefing screen.
Give orders to your squad with the radial menu.
Sniping from a respectable distance.
Hang back and formulate a plan.
Using binoculars to scout and give distant move orders.
Flashpoint still has cars to capture and drive.
Inventory menu during a night raid.
Looking through our night ops rifle scope. I seeee you!
Normal difficulty gives objective markers and HUD status.
Your A.I. squad automatically lays down cover fire.
A.I. squadmates cover each other as they advance.
Calling in an artillery strike from afar.
Naval bombardment on the mark.
No enemies left.