Operation Thunderbolt Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
One of the hostages that you have to save in Mision 4
Mission 5
In Mission 6, you have to rescue hostages again, and boy, what a hot one she is!
Mission 7
Mission 8
"Hey you, get out of here at once, or this guy gets it!"
Name Entry

Amstrad CPC version

Your assignment
Mission 1
Just blew up a chopper
A ferret runs across the road
Mission Statistics
Mission 2
A grenade is thrown at you
Mission 3
Mission 4
Just been knifed
A hostage runs across the screen
Tough guy, eh?
Mission 5
Mission 6
Just another guy showing some muscle
Mission 7
Mission 8
Save the President
Name Entry
Title screen (CPC+ version)
Stage 1 (CPC+ version)
Stage 2 (CPC+ version)

Arcade version

Hijacked plane.
The heroes.
First Mission.
Running down the road.
Take out the soldiers.
Reached the end of the road.
Made contact.
Grenades and soldiers to shoot.
Man in building.
Helicopter and tower to destroy.
Got ammo and jeep.
Driving down the road.
Keep blasting.
There is a hideout.
Looking for hostages.
Don't shoot the hostage.

Atari ST version

Title screen...
Title screen transforming to what us expect in this game
Overall mission is quite simple
Finally ready to fire!
Keep them far, keep them far, keep them far away
Helicopter approaching
Hit ratio clearly shows I am more the machine gun guy
Knifes, tanks, snipers... And this is only mission 2
Uuuuh ooh. My legs are exploding.
This flying knife is looking very badly in such close up
And it is effective, too

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
One of the hostages that you must save in Mission 4
Mission 4 Boss
Mission 5
Mission 6
Mission 6 Boss
Mission 7
Mission 8
Final Boss
High Scores

SNES version

Title screen.
A resumed briefing of your chosen soldier.
After some explanations of Colonel Jones, you'll be able to select the first task.
Shin Miyamoto is about to be damaged by a double-massive attack made by an enemy airplane...
Some rebels executing a double frontal attack against Shin: successfully he kills one of them.
Even stunned for the last attack received, Shin was capable to destroy an enemy boat!
Now, the action goes to Erica Whitney, and she starts the non-stop action beating a silly rebel!
The next target for Erica: a single barricade formed by some rebels and a reinforced tank.
Critical situation: after a massive-enemy-counter-attack, Erica Whitney is about to reach 0-life!
Commanding officer
Destroy the helicopter
Enemies to kill

ZX Spectrum version

Main Title
Main Menu
Get psyched
Loads of terrorists
End of level statistics
Baddies throw grenades which need to be shot before they hit you
To many enemies so few bullets
When you reach the end you blow the level up
Level 3 sees you in a jeep
Planes fire missiles at you
Rescue hostages from the prison camps
Enemies throw knives at you
The first boss you come up against doesn't appear till level 4
The enemy attack at sea
You need to make sure you don't get over powered by helicopters
Enemies appears from the ceiling
This boss fires a barrage of missiles at you