Operation Wolf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Landing down on soil
Operation Map
"These soldiers, why are they shooting at me?"
"Please don't shoot us. We carry the sick back to base"
"Back off, soldier. She's mine. Do I make myself clear on that one?"
Choppers trying to shoot you down
"What's a sexy woman like you doing in a place like this?"
"Hey, this place is far too dangerous for little boys like you"
"What is Duke Nukem doing here?"
"Sorry, buddy. I must have mistaken you for a soldier"
"Freeze! You do not have access to this area!"
"Shame on you, soldier"

Amstrad CPC version

Game Map
Stage 1: Communication Setup
Injured a couple of nurses
Stage 2: Jungle
A hostage runs across the jungle floor
Just one more tank to blow up
Stage 3: Village
Nice tank design
Stabbed with a knife
Stage 4: Powder Magazine
The big dude breaks down
Stage 5: Concentration Camp
A hostage runs across the screen
Oops. Sorry, champ
Stage 6: Airport
Mission failed
High Scores

Arcade version

Title screen
Armoured vehicle exploded
Enemy runs with weapon
Radio tower
Welcome to the jungle
Helicopter fight
Time go to jungle
Soldier, vehicle and boat against one player
I have trouble - life is ending
Game Over
Enter your initials

Atari ST version

Intro screen
Title screen
Mission One. Rescue all hostages.
Shoot the pig for ammo.
Trucks and tanks.
You cut off the enemy.
The enemy also use boats.
This is boss of the Jungle troopers.
He 'll tell you all you want to know.
Now, that's a pretty sight!
Rescued one hostage.
New ammo.
In this stage you'll have to rescue five hostages.
Enter your name. Can you beat this score?

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
A map of all the levels
A game in progress
Don't shoot the hostages or medical crew!
Somewhere in the jungle...
Uh oh, only a few rocket bombs left!

DOS version

Title screen - MCGA/VGA
Operation map (MCGA/VGA)
the game begins - MCGA/VGA
game in progress - MCGA/VGA
blowing stuff up - MCGA/VGA
Game over - MCGA/VGA
Somewhere in the jungle - MCGA/VGA
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA)
Armoured car shells flying.
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA)
That dynamite is very useful when the screen is full of vehicles.
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA)
Being fired by a tough evasive soldier.
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA)
These running combatants are much more difficult to hit.
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA)
The first second of the explosion of one grenade.
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA) More tough than a cockroach. Lookout not to hit the nurses!
Stage 1: Communication Setup (MCGA/VGA) Phew... Level finished.
The first mission is complete - MCGA/VGA
Title screen (EGA)
Operation Map (EGA)
the game begins - EGA
game in progress - EGA
Title screen (Paradise EGA)
Game begin (Paradise EGA)
Operation map (Paradise EGA)
Scene from the first stage (Paradise EGA)
the game begins - CGA
game in progress - CGA
As with some other Taito DOS ports, it's possible to switch the CGA palettes, here is one example
Another game scene with alternative CGA colors
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Operation map (Hercules Monochrome)
Level 1 (Hercules Monochrome)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Anime-esque loading screen
Main menu
Those hostages look like zombies
Item menu
Operation map
You descend on a parachute
I don't know what you guys are doing over there, but sending grenades my way isn't nice
It's an ambush! With helicopters! How unfair!
They descend on parachutes, too...
You came too close, pal. In the background they remove an innocent guy I shot by mistake...
Whatever happens, never shoot chicken or bikini women
Dude... I've been to the same yoga class

MSX version

The 5 stages of the game
Your mission
Concentration Camp
The fire power is limited!
The jungle
Communication with HQ
The Village
Shoot the lieutenant
Don't kill hostages or nurses
Rescue all 5!
Blow up the tank
Shoot the helicopter

NES version

Title screen
Starting a new game
The missions you need to accomplish
Under attack!
This mission was successful
The enemy has located you
Somewhere in the jungle
Your mission has failed
Title screen for the Japanese version.
Your mission objectives. (Japanese version)
This mission will be over soon... (Japanese version)
You have been imprisoned! (Japanese version)
Run out of ammo in battle and the enemy will capture you once you lose all of your health
At the end of Mission 2, the enemy General will confront you while holding a young girl hostage. Attack the General while avoiding shooting the girl in order to avoid taking more damage.
Every once in a while, while waiting for the next mission, the enemy will ambush you and you must fight them off in order to continue your mission
The final battle with the Hind helicopter. Shoot it down to complete your mission before the chopper shoots you out of the sky!
Mission accomplished!

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
The levels that await you
Okay, whatever you say...
The beginning

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Level Select
Good Luck
Choppers, nurses and an enemy installation
Guys at the front are the most dangerous
Baddies emerge from some enemy buildings
Post-game debrief
A shot of you landing in the intro
Shoot the birds....
....as they release weapons
Shoot the grenades to pick them up
A chopper leaves view in the jungle
Shoot the paratrooper
A tank explodes
I'm dying - as the red indicates
Game Over

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Part of the introduction animations
Mission objective
Enemies attacking...
Somewhere in the jungle...
Take this village by force...
Some enemies wear body armour
I've been hit by a grenade!
Watch out for those guys right up front!