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Xbox 360 version

Main game select menu
Half-Life 2 loading screen
Half-Life 2 main menu
Half-Life 2: arriving via train during intro
Half-Life 2: welcome to City 17
Half-Life 2: the Combine is the welcoming committee
Half-Life 2: have a seat and enjoy our stay
Half-Life 2: Alyx. And the Half-Life sign tells you a secret is nearby.
Half-Life 2: get ready for close combat
Half-Life 2: meet my friend, the crowbar
Half-Life 2: detonating a barrel in the distance to disable enemies
Half-Life 2: a spy drone has found you
Half-Life 2: you will also travel using vehicles
Half-Life 2: getting used to the controls
Half-Life 2: finally some fresh air
Half-Life 2: you can grab almost everything with the gravity gun, exploding barrels ...
Half-Life 2: ... or sharp blades.
Half-Life 2: just make sure to throw the stuff at your enemies.
Team Fortress 2: loading screen
Team Fortress 2: some statistics of you
Team Fortress 2: since Team Fortress is a multiplayer game, you have to select from a list of sessions to join
Team Fortress 2: you will get a brief description of the map
Team Fortress 2: selecting your class. Each one has different weapons and a different purpose.
Team Fortress 2: let's get into the fray
Team Fortress 2: come get some
Team Fortress 2: you will cross this bridge a lot. Make sure to have your weapon ready.
Team Fortress 2: your spawning area is secure most of the times, so you can prepare for the fight
Team Fortress 2: players can alert others for their needs, in this case healing
Portal: loading screen
Portal: main menu
Portal: this is your character, viewing yourself through two portals. Get used to stuff like this
Portal: Aperture Science Enrichment Center is the location of your adventure
Portal: this is it, the portal gun.
Portal: the game is puzzle driven, like placing those cubes on those big red buttons
Portal: signs on the wall will tell you whether you solved a puzzle
Portal: the energy ball is often used to trigger platforms and doors.
Portal: at the start of each level, you will get an overview of what to expect, in this case the energy ball
Portal: do not touch the greenish liquid
Portal: some levels have secret areas with interesting messages
Portal: moving platforms and rotating elements.

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