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Androidapp4smart (Aug 02, 2014)
The Oregon Trail: Settler takes what has easily become a tired game format and breathed new life into it with an interesting premise and good visuals. And best of all, it appears the IAPs don't get in the way of solid play. You can pay for your upgrades or earn them the old fashioned way - through solid dedication and hard work. Now if you'll excuse me, I hear my Papi callin' and there's work to be done. Yee-ha!
iPhoneGameZebo (Nov 17, 2011)
Is The Oregon Trail: American Settler a terribly original release? No. But once you accept what it is – a clone of a great game that’s not available on mobile devices yet – it becomes fairly easy to appreciate what Gameloft has delivered here. Mix in some fun Oregon Trail elements, and you’ve got a recipe for a terrific little social game about settling the Old West.
iPhoneCommon Sense Media (Nov 17, 2011)
THE OREGON TRAIL: AMERICAN SETTLER is far removed from both the original educational classroom PC simulation of the 1970s, and the Oregon Trail app. Instead, it bears a striking resemblance to the social game FrontierVille, complete with prompts to invite friends to the Gameloft Live! social network to become neighbors, buy the game's premium currency, and share status updates. The game is polished and enjoyable, but is much more designed for pure entertainment rather than edutainment.
AndroidAndroid Rundown (Apr 10, 2012)
Oregon Trail: Settler is a fun game to play when you have some downtime on your lunch break. Be careful not to lose track of time though.
65 (Nov 17, 2011)
Insomma, possiamo dirvi con tranquillità che è possibile giocare e divertirsi per ore con The Oregon Trail: Pionieri d'America anche senza spendere un soldo. Vi sentite più tranquilli? Bene, perché purtroppo non è tutto oro quello che luccica nella retina del ragazzo che sta dragando il fiume. Ma procediamo con ordine...
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Nov 20, 2011)
A well-constructed social freemium game, but one that becomes more awkward and less appealing as the game progresses.
iPhoneTouch Arcade (Dec 01, 2011)
In the end, despite the colorful visuals and deeper gameplay, American Settler is still a freemium game. There are undoubtedly gamers out there that will simply turn their nose up and not bother simply because of that classification. However, for those that enjoy this type of genre, American Settler can offer enough actual content and gameplay to make it a freemium title worth pursuing. I just really wish that ideas like the random potentially timer resetting events and the energy ‘gameplay’ mechanic didn’t make the choice harder than it already had to be.