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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 2 4.3
Genesis 5 3.2
Combined MobyScore 7 3.5

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Is this the best OutRun game ever produced? I would say it is #2, only behind the original OutRun arcade cabinet. Whenever I see an original OutRun cabinet, I play it no matter what, and that is probably the best one ever made. But this game is no doubt the best Genesis version in the series, and barring my not having played the two Xbox versions, this could be the best console OutRun ever produced. This is certainly better than Turbo Outrun and Outrun 2019, and certainly is at least a little better than the original classic. Like, OMG, this game is totally worth the five to ten bucks your going to pay for it. Seriously.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
En conclusion, OutRunners est une conversion très proche du jeu d’origine. Il est jouable, très agréable à parcourir, extrêmement fun et finalement, après son décorticage effectué pour ce test, je me rends compte qu’il n’est pas si mal fait techniquement parlant (Hormis le fait que les dénivelés légendaires de la borne sont beaucoup moins présents dans cette version.). Petit mot sur la bande son, dans son ensemble de qualité. Les musiques sont parfois un peu courtes mais les titres mythiques de la série sont bien entendus au rendez-vous au milieu de la trentaine de morceaux du soft.
GenesisGamePro (US)
The game won't annoy you with it's easy controls and smooth gameplay, but it will challenge you. The Arcade version demands some skill. Overall, this driving game will keep you glued to the wheel.
GenesisPower Unlimited
Voor een spelletje racen kun je me in principe 's nachts wakker maken maar voor Outrunners til ik m'n hoofd nog niet van mijn kussen op. Misschien dat jullie er anders over denken maar ik heb aan (F)outrunners geen positieve punten kunnen ontdekken.
GenesisGame Players
The backgrounds in Outrunners look cluttered, so avoiding obstacles can be difficult. But my biggest complaint is that the graphics aren't any better than Outrun, despite three years of technology and, again, 16 megs. Unless you're absolutely desperate for a racing game now, leave Outrunners in the garage and wait for Virtua Racing.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
OutRunners has to be the most boring driving game I've played so far this year. If you need a driving fix, check out Virtua Racing, F-1, Mario Andretti Racing - anything other than this feeble attempt.
GenesisMega Fun
Der Titel sagt‘s schon, Outrunners ist absolut mega-out! Das Spielprinzip ist durch die Outrun-Serie schon längst ausgelutscht und wird somit hoffentlich niemanden mehr hinters Konsolen-Lenkrad locken. Betrachten wir uns die entscheidenden Kriterien in Kurzform: Grafik: Langweilig und technisch weit unter den Möglichkeiten des Mega Drives. Sound: Noch das beste am Game, was aber wenig heißen will, wenn man sich den erbärmlichen Rest betrachtet. Steuerung: Von Steuern kann leider überhaupt keine Rede sein, einzig schnelle Reaktionen sind gefragt. Kollisionsabfrage: Sehr großzügig, anders ausgedrückt - extrem ungenau! Fun: Welcher Fun? Fazit: Laßt von diesem Teil bloß die Finger weg!!!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Outrunner's music is decent, with its laid-back, relaxing tunes. The sound effects however, are reprehensible. Not only are they badly muffled and distorted beyond belief, but the announcer has worst case of emphysema ever. Outrunner's gameplay also leaves much to be desired. The one-player mode is excessively hard, and the two-player contests don't feel competitive because the game keeps the races artificially close (by giving the trailing player a speed boost). Plus, you can't even see the other guy until he's on top of you (literally!) The manual transmission is not really an option, because the gear indicator is small and hard to see on the screen. I enjoy most split-screen racers, but Outrunners should be avoided.