Overlord II Screenshots

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Split Screen Multiplayer - now included from the start.
Fighting the Empire as a little brat.
Anyone home in there? Yes - the new Overlord!
Elves - stupid treehuggers!
Slaughtering robes for fun.
That's one angry yeti.
This time around you can ressurect your minions if you want to.
In a few seconds we will control the minion on top of that thing directly.
These urnes hold dark magic.
Fighting a plant with fire is a good idea.
The red hive - bring it home and you can finally call forth red minions.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
In the back the goal and in front one angry horde of minions.
The Overlad is on his way to save his first damsel in distress.
Casting a spell changes the lighting dramatically.
WOOOSH - that's what happens when you light up a Gnome in a tar pit!
The Overlad is on his way out of Nordberg.
Don't have enough resources for this glove.
Welcome to the old lands - destroyed by uncontrolled magic.
Sailin' away to the Elven land!
Nice panda. I won't hurt you - at not yet.
Greens do it from behind.
Meet the Spider Temple, home of a boss.
The Overlord is about to become the new owner of Paradise.
Finally in the heart of the Empire.
Throwing boulders is always fun.
That's what I call a legion.
The sewers are invested with frogs.
A little mini-game for change.
Now I've to fight zombies - great...
No, sadly Elfboy won't die by my hand.
Charging up the old tower heart.
My Reds found a new ride.
Minions as "fake kids"
Glorious empire
And die now!