Oxyd 2 Screenshots

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Atari ST version

Loading screen (Monochrome monitor)
Main menu (Monochrome monitor)
Instructions (i.e.: playing with serial cable)
Level 1: the two ropes strongly pull the ball back to the centre of the screen
Finishing a level is rewarded with the level code for later skipping
Level 2: like in Sokoban, you have to push stones (or in this case: rows of stones) out of the way
In level 3, strong gravity is active and on the floor there is deadly water. The level scrolls horizontally
I missed the platform... Very bad the little black ball cannot swim
Impressions from later levels
Impressions from later levels
Impressions from later levels

DOS version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game info
Level password entry
Level 1: hanging on a flexible rope.
Level 2: clear a path by pushing the puzzle pieces around.
Level 3: careful - this one has gravity... and the water will destroy your ball.
Level 4: doors and switches.
Level 5: ooh... a magic wand?
Level 6: the moving boxes alter the level structure as they go!
Level 7: a puzzle with switches... *and* rotating blocks.
"Landscape impressions" give a preview of later levels.
This looks a tad dangerous...
Is that a pipe puzzle?
The multiplayer levels can be played on a single computer by controlling one ball at a time.
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