Oxyd Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Menu German version (Monochrome, 640x400)
Local network for 2 players via MIDI network is possible
First level. Touch stones, avoid enemies and the dangerous floor around
In the monochrome version the stones have different geometrical symbols
Level 2: how to activate the laser?
Menu English version (Color, 320x200)
The background story
In the color version, the stones contain balls of different colors (and no geometrical symbols)
Adjusting and activating the laser in level 3: we want to hit stones three screens above
If we hit, the stones are activated
Level 5 features a room with inverse control and the first ... umbrella
Level password
Stones on the lower border can be destroyed...
...to reach the next room

DOS version

The title screen, plain and simple
Main menu screen
Enter a password, leave empty to start at the first landscape
Uncover the oxydstones, avoid the fan
The position of the colors are different each time you play
"Let there be light", bump into a switch to activate the laser
Landscapes can be larger than one screen
Use an umbrella to float across the gap
Push the movable blocks onto the red dots
This ist a training area! Verstanten?