Pac-Man: Championship Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu (demo version)
Starting the first maze
The colour changes when you pick up a power pill.

iPhone version

Title Screen
Main Menu
How to Play
In each level, you can get either a gold, silver or bronze medal
Eat four apples to complete this mission
An apple has appeared!

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Championship mode
Grab the Power Pellets so that you can eat the ghosts!
Consecutive ghost munching increases the value, maxing out at 3200 points.
Grabbing a fruit makes a screen wipe occur on the opposite side, refilling pellets.
Your Results Screen breaks down your scoring minute by minute!
Challenge mode 1
This mode is a ten minute endurance challenge!
Use those pellets carefully to chain your ghost munching and earn 3200 points for each ghost!
Challenge mode 2
This map is dark - it gets tricky when you've eaten a lot of the pellets!
Hah! They're all on the run!
Extra mode 1
This mode starts off quite fast to begin with...
...making turning corners and dodging ghosts quite difficult!
Better grab that fruit, and quick!
Extra mode 2
Each side of this mode changes as you get a new fruit!
Two long thin tunnels - a nasty potential trap!
All these small squares make the ghosts turns nearly unpredictable.
Extra mode 3
You start off with lots of Power Pellets in this mode, allowing you to stock up on lives - you'll need them.
The longer you stay alive, the more successive pellets become worth.
He's right on your tail.