Pac-Man enters an alternate dimensionContributed by SirOrlando (250) on Oct 24, 2005.

Yes, believe it or not, even the tiny 4 KB games had Easter eggs programmed into some of them!

This is a weird Easter egg, but if you enter the central tunnel that warps you between the top and bottom of the board, and perform the movements just right, you can propel Pac-Man into what appears to be an alternate dimension or reality.

Enter the warp tunnel and make sure to rapidly press Up and Down while inside. End with a down movement, and Pac-man will glide smoothly out of the tunnel from the top of the screen.

Pac-Man will have become skinnier, and appears to float across the screen. You may move Pac-Man up and down through the walls, and the ghosts won't even see him... nor will they be able to harm him.

It's a really weird, psychedelic affect that looks as though you have just crashed the game! But it is consistently repeatable, if performed just right, making it an interesting, if somewhat bizarre, Easter Egg.

Unfortunately, while in this mode, you cannot move Pac-Man from side to side horizontally... just up and down. Once you sail back into the tunnel, he will come out normally on the other side, and the ghosts will once again began to chase Pac-Man.

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